Monday, April 27, 2009

I caught a fish & it was this big!

Ok, I didn't catch it personally, except maybe on my camera!

The above picture is my little fisherman getting ready to put the pole in. (yes, it's pink...what else would a princess use?) See her pal J in the back ground. The worm bucket was by where Simone was standing - so she was steering clear of the area...too cute.

And even the most avid fishers need a little sand-play break! The playground/sandbox was just too tempting...

Here's my brave little girl getting Daddy a worm. Eew & Uck!!

What a team! Good thing Daddy was there to help with the pole, and they switched to a real pole (the one she won at last years tournament-for catching the smallest fish!)

Because they reeled in a nice size fishy, woohoo!

And our friends won a pole this year, for biggest fish in the 6 year olds & under category! She and her Dad reeled in a huge and rather unattractive catfish

Ahhh, a day at the fishing hole.....
Hope your weekends were grand and fun filled and none of your fishies got away!


Lisa said...

Oo, that's just darn cute! Love that pretty smile and she looks so happy and joyful with her Daddy!

LOVE that Pink Pather outfit adorable and unique!

I like a girl that's not afraid to handle a worm :) ....

So glad your weekend was a grand one!!
~hugs, Lisa

Terry said...

A perfect fish on a great weekend ~ Nice job Simone!! And Dad too. :-)

My daughter would be the one playing with the worms too!

Robin said...

Great Catch! It looks like you had a great time:)