Friday, April 24, 2009

Hear ye, hear ye

Yep, we got our 1st hearing scheduled for May 20, 2009!

OK, for review...

This is where the Judge in Taiwan is presented all of the information in order to rule on the case. Wei-Che's birth mother will be present to state her intentions, and as far as I can tell our POA will be there to submit our intent to adopt him.
The next step will be the First Ruling, where the Judge states his/her decision, that is said to happen 1-3 months from the hearing, with the Final Ruling shortly after.

I wasn't expecting to hear this news so soon for some reason - so this was a delightful surprise yesterday!

I am hoping all of you have wonderful weekends!


Lisa said...

oo, I love the post title...very catchy! :)

So happy for you guys that things are moving right along and you know I'm praying things move swiftly to bring your beautiful boy home!

You guys have a great weekend too!! ~hugs, Lisa

Mark & Kris said...

Yeah, Jennifer!! I am so happy for you!! That was really fast. You will be holding your little boy in no time!!

Terry said...

This is wonderful news! Great reason to celebrate!!
I am really happy for you and hope the rest of your court dates go quickly so you can be holding your son soon!!

Enjoy the weekend - plant some flowers! :-)

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

Playing catch up on bloggies and WOOHOO! First hearing!!! Congratulations! Okay, totally wishing you the best and hoping it goes quickly and that if the judge is so inclined to just rule away would be AWESOME... but yeah, I'm getting ahead of myself but that would ROCK! I'm glad you have some great news!

couey2007 said...

WOW! This is exciting! It won't be long now! Start getting everything done now!!! It looks like you may have a fast judge!!!!!

Michelle C, AL (JOH)

Robin said...

Great News Jennifer! It is so great to see things moving along for TWCA families. I will be sending postive hearing vibes your way.
I LOVE the title of your post! Too cute.

Teresa said...

Wonderful news! I'm so excited for your family!

You think worms are icky now! Wait until your little boy wants to go fishing with Daddy every weekend and wants to keep the worms :) Oh yeah, fun times ahead for you, my friend!