Thursday, April 9, 2009

Spring is in the air

Yep, spring has arrived here in East Tennessee and I have been singing that song...Spring is in the air...all week.
All of the trees and tulips and daffodils and all sorts of other bulbs are in full bloom. I think it's my favorite time of year here. When we decided to leave Florida, my one request was that we go far enough North that we'd have a change of seasons (and no alligators). And although mild seasonal changes, we do have them.

Below is a tree on my street. This yard has 3 or 4 trees in bloom right now. So pretty!
Here's a tulip in our front garden, it just looked so pretty I had to take a picture!

Miss Simone and friend hunted for flowers to adorn themselves with. I wish I had gotten the back of their heads, their hair was covered in flowers.

Here's a view at the end of the evening. Apparently the girls found a mud puddle and I walked in to my big girl cleaning up in the sink! Look at the bouquet she's got in her hair!

Ah, and with spring comes wildlife! This bunny was brave to venture into our, ahem- I mean Emma's yard. I reminded thumper here of the bird Emma had caught and then delivered to us last week. He scampered off into the woods pretty quickly.

And lovely spring rainbows...

And dogwood trees. This is one with a pretty red maple next to it!

And we are in East Tenn... so two days after I took all of these spring photos we woke up to this!

Just a little bit of snow, but how crazy! It was in the upper 70's the day before...
And some good news, we are logged in to the courts and waiting for our first hearing (1-3 months). I am just happy the court process has begun.
We will be getting a care package sent to him this weekend, which is exciting to me because I feel like I am doing something for him even though we are so far apart.
Well I hope wherever you are that spring is in the air for you too!
I am enjoying the season and patiently waiting for some updated photos of my little Wei-Che.


Lisa said...

Oh, I could almost smell the springtime air through your gorgeous pictures! We only have one tiny first spring flower struggling to poke through! But today is lovely, so we will take it!

And *gasp* that rainbow....did you girls follow it to its end? Is that where those pretty girls got all the flowers in their hair? What magical fun!

And ya know what? No alligators would be criteria for me too! :)

Congratulations on being logged into the courts and be sure to take pics. of the care package! How exciting! I hope the process zooms right along!

And K round-up......oh, Mamahood is so bittersweet. And she knows her own gotta love that!
Hugs and thanks for the spring wishes!!

Anonymous said...

Love all the spring pictures. Congratulations on being logged into the will be really fast now!!! Thanks for always leaving such great comments on my blog, it always makes me smile when you write! THANKS

Terry said...

Spring is the best! I enjoy this season more than any other. It's always full of new beginings, and very true as you begin your journey through the courts! Crossing my fingers for a speedy trip in court! Enjoy shopping for your care package, pack it full of love!! :-)

Robin said...

Wow- those trees are so beautiful. We have a ways to go before we see flowers up in New England. Congratulations on being logged into the courts. Can't wait to see what you are sending to your little man. I think boy shopping has gotten a bad rap. There stuff isn't frilly but it is still really cute and fun:)