Monday, May 30, 2011

Crazy Busy...

Yep.  That sums up these last weeks - crazy busy. 
Sometimes I wonder if it's me or the kids that keep us so busy.
I know who keeps us so crazy...

So let's re-cap,   hmm----------
We've had some fun filled days splashing into summer break!  We've had outings with friends from school and the FCC, parties and play dates to attend  and of course Simone's social agenda to keep up with.  Simone "bridged" from a Daisy to a Brownie in Girl Scouts, Sammy completed almost two months at day care (part time) and Adam and I celebrated our 10th Wedding Anniversary.  *Wow...I'm such a lucky gal.  What a blessing, to be married to your best friend and to have these funny and sweet babes to share each day with!

The end of the school year was baby girl is moving on to 2nd grade - that progression of time that just can't be halted.  But I'm not the only one sad to see the school year end...Simone was very upset to leave her amazing teacher and wonderful classroom of friends.  What a fantastic year and truly great experience she had in 1st grade!

We've been gearing up for summer camp for the kids and we are all excited for it to start tomorrow!  They will get to swim and do all types of cool outdoor activities for 6 hours each day and I know they will both make some great new friends.   I get to go back to work (just part time!) at my old job, so it's the end of "stay home mommyhood" for me.  Again, bittersweet and mixed emotions but I know this is the best plan for all of us!  Sammy needs some social stimulation other than Mama, and well, Mama needs the same..sans kiddos!  I'm sad that this chapter is ending, but know in my heart it's time.  Plus we have all sorts of things planned for this summer so I know it's going to be a great one! 

And now let's just re-cap the last month or so in photos.

Family play in the back yard.  This kid's a natural...

Slip n'slide action!
The Easter bunny came with some goodies!
And of course we had an egg hunt!  This year Sammy seemed to get the hang of it and Simone was gracious enough to show him where to look.

We visited the zoo a few times, always one of our favorite spots to go!

We had a monster of a storm with horrid hail and super high winds.  Nothing compared to those tornado's that hit surrounding areas, but scary none the less.  My heart aches for all those caught in the worst storms.

Sammy & I went to the Children's Museum one rainy day and spent almost the whole time in the train room!  He just loves trains.  And trucks, and planes and motorcycles....anything that goes vrooom!

Below is Simone bridging to a Brownie.  I am so happy she enjoys Girl Scouts so much.  She's part of a wonderful troop with some sweet girls and a super leader!
We had a few outings with our FCC group.   One gathering was at Ijams Nature Center and we sure had a blast!  The kids had so much fun seeing each other and we all got to take a great hike on a beautiful day!

We had some fun play dates with pals as well.  We have such great parks around here, there's always something to do and some where to go! 

(Oh yes...that would be Simone and her best pal FuDa. Yep, smooching the cheek.... she just adores him)

We took some time to enjoy our animals too. Sammy loves to hug Oliver.
  One of the favorite Uncles came for an awesome weekend visit!  Simone loves her Uncle and sure kept him busy during his short stay!  Hope to see him again soon....
And "Date Night" for our anniversary!  Our dear pal watched the kids for us so we could celebrate the last 10 years of marriage!  Hard to believe we walked down that isle in Dunedin FL ten years ago!  Feels like yesterday in some ways and I've often thought if I had any idea I'd be where I am now back then...well, it wouldn't have changed a thing for me!  I've been so blessed...
A final photo of my sweet girl enjoying a good book by the waters edge.  Her newest hobby is reading a good book.  Makes me so happy to see and so proud of her!  Isn't she precious...

Of course I have more to post and when time allows I'll get back on here and do my blogging best!  Until then, enjoy your crazy busy!  I know we sure will....

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The case of the misplaced identity

Yes, there is a mysterious circumstance that has happened in our home. 
I just know for sure there is another person in this house, one with a real name.  But it appears her identity has mistakenly been misplaced.

This woman now shares a name with millions of other women.  Using her new identity she goes only by Mommy.  Or Mama for short.   Sure there are variances, like "give that to Simone's Mom" or "go ask Mommy if you can eat that" and "Sammy's Mama can help tie your shoe".   It's even been a bit more formal "To the mother of Simone....." and "Samuel's mother, please sign here".

But mostly what is heard is "Mama"...all day and into the night.  No real name, just Mama.

What really tipped me off that this identity had been misplaced was the day I noticed this.....
Look under the word "FAMILY".  Notice how almost all the family members have actual names....all but one.

I know there was once a real name, an identity to define this "Mommy" person...I've seen the other name on the tax bill that comes each year.  I know it was once used when she worked, used by co-workers and clients alike!  Yet it seems her newest full time clients prefer to use the name Mama.

So for now it's just just the case of the misplaced identity.  Or maybe replaced is a better way to put it.   

And to be totally honest, I've seen pictures of this Mama person-back when she still owned her real name and identity.  She was once so put together, with her hair brushed (teeth too) and make-up applied.  Her clothes looked food stains or marker or some other un-identifiable goop covering them.  She looked well rested, carefree and un-wrinkled.  But I've got to be honest...I've caught a brief peek or two at this Mama character and, well....I have to say it sure looks like more than just her identity was misplaced. 
Just saying....

But I'm learning to come to terms with this situation.  I'm learning to accept the fact that my identity has been misplaced, replaced and changed for the time being.  I have become -----just Mommy.

Okay, to again be totally honest..I have no problem admiting that I do love my new identity.  What better name to be called than Mommy...or Mama.  So for a few years I lose a part of who I was, who I am, but I get to be so much a part of two amazing little beings lives.  Always I will know my true identity -forever I will be Simone and Sammy's Mommy. 

Happy Mother's day to all of you that have also misplaced your identity for the time being.  And for those that have reclaimed a part of yourselves-whose kids have moved on (a bit)'ll always be Mommy to that special someone(s)!  And how blessed we all are!