Saturday, May 7, 2011

The case of the misplaced identity

Yes, there is a mysterious circumstance that has happened in our home. 
I just know for sure there is another person in this house, one with a real name.  But it appears her identity has mistakenly been misplaced.

This woman now shares a name with millions of other women.  Using her new identity she goes only by Mommy.  Or Mama for short.   Sure there are variances, like "give that to Simone's Mom" or "go ask Mommy if you can eat that" and "Sammy's Mama can help tie your shoe".   It's even been a bit more formal "To the mother of Simone....." and "Samuel's mother, please sign here".

But mostly what is heard is "Mama"...all day and into the night.  No real name, just Mama.

What really tipped me off that this identity had been misplaced was the day I noticed this.....
Look under the word "FAMILY".  Notice how almost all the family members have actual names....all but one.

I know there was once a real name, an identity to define this "Mommy" person...I've seen the other name on the tax bill that comes each year.  I know it was once used when she worked, used by co-workers and clients alike!  Yet it seems her newest full time clients prefer to use the name Mama.

So for now it's just just the case of the misplaced identity.  Or maybe replaced is a better way to put it.   

And to be totally honest, I've seen pictures of this Mama person-back when she still owned her real name and identity.  She was once so put together, with her hair brushed (teeth too) and make-up applied.  Her clothes looked food stains or marker or some other un-identifiable goop covering them.  She looked well rested, carefree and un-wrinkled.  But I've got to be honest...I've caught a brief peek or two at this Mama character and, well....I have to say it sure looks like more than just her identity was misplaced. 
Just saying....

But I'm learning to come to terms with this situation.  I'm learning to accept the fact that my identity has been misplaced, replaced and changed for the time being.  I have become -----just Mommy.

Okay, to again be totally honest..I have no problem admiting that I do love my new identity.  What better name to be called than Mommy...or Mama.  So for a few years I lose a part of who I was, who I am, but I get to be so much a part of two amazing little beings lives.  Always I will know my true identity -forever I will be Simone and Sammy's Mommy. 

Happy Mother's day to all of you that have also misplaced your identity for the time being.  And for those that have reclaimed a part of yourselves-whose kids have moved on (a bit)'ll always be Mommy to that special someone(s)!  And how blessed we all are! 


michelle said...

Happy Mother's Day to Sammy & Simone's mommy! This will be my 2nd mother's day and I've waited so long to be a mom, that everytime I hear Lexie say, "mommy", it brings a tear to my eye. It's the sweetest thing!

I loved this post!! It made my day!

Julie and Dean said...

Oh so very true. Dean will quiz the kids on our names and he is always Dean and I'm always just mommy. BUT I'LL TAKE IT! I honestly can't hear it enough.
Except sometimes when FuDa says it like 35 times w/i a 2 minute period. YES, it has been done (multiple times!!)
Enjoy YOUR day you deserve it!

Heather said...

Amen, Sister!

Lisa said...

Happy Mama's Day to one of the sweetest, bestest and most inspiring Mamas I know! ( and I've gotten to KNOW know her via this blog, emails, etc.) and know that her character is golden! :)

XOXO Hope your day was surrounded by all kinds of Simone and Sammy lovins'!!!

Miss u!

P.S. Wrinkle free clothing is overrated anyways! ;)

The Raudenbush Family said...

Super cute post. :)

I just found your blog tonight and wanted to direct you to The Sparrow Fund ( We're actively looking for bloggers to post about who we are and what we're doing to get the word out to adoptive families. Let me know if you would be interested in helping!

Tonya said...

That is toooooo funny! And I can relate!! Take care!

Sara said...

Happy Mama's day!! Last night I laid in bed and told my husband that I didn't want to close my eyes because I wanted to be just Sara just a little bit longer. It's wonderful to be Mommy. It's also wonderful to be Sara. ;) It's nice to have such duality! So flexible!