Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Baby turned 8!

My sweet Simone turned eight years old this month!  I cannot believe she can be that old already, time sure has flown.  She had a wonderful birthday week that included a fun day at camp with surprises hidden in her backpack, a visit from her grandparents, an amazing dinner at her favorite restaurant and a great pool party with her closest pals!  At one point she told me this had been the best birthday so far!

She got a lot of cool gifts and was thrilled with all her very big girl gadgets and clothes.

 She got her favorite foods-Dim Sum and bubble tea- and had her favorite cake-chocolate icebox.  My camera was all smeared up with somebody's fingerprints so I didn't get any of her blowing out candles  :( but I got Sammy-Wei's reaction to not having candles to blow out.  Absolute tears....it was so sad that the birthday gal allowed it to be re-lit for him to blow out!
 And then the pool party!  We had perfect weather and great friends for a few hours of swimming and food!  Simone was in her glory with all her pals running and splashing with her!
  Sammy had a blast as well and acted as the official party greeter!

 The boys filling up their water squirters. 
 Swim time!
 Cookie cake and popsicles for dessert.  (see where Sammy is, right in the action....JieJie was so patient)

It was a super fun week celebrating my darling dumpling's 8th Birthday!  And for the really big girl stuff...after her party she went with her grandparents for a week to D.C. to visit her cousins.  Boy oh boy did we miss her - but she had an amazing time getting really spoiled and having some important "alone" time with family.

Time sure flies and now I officially have an eight year old little lady!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my sweet QingLu!  I love you!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Catch Up Time

 Yep, once again I've gotten myself in this position, this problem of  being such a bad bad blogger that I now have to play "catch up" to update the blog.  So much has been going on, and although I have no valid excuse I can say we've been non-stop busy here.  Between end of school year, starting camp and Simone's Birthday (Oh yes, my baby girl has turned EIGHT!!!) we have been on the go.  I guess I should admit to all of my blogger badness too, I haven't even read any other blogs for a month or more!  I know, gasp....
There it is though, the reason I've not commented on any of my favorite blogs for a while.  I've just been remiss in all my bloggy world duties.  But (again) I promise to change my ways and be a better blogger.  Well, I promise to at least try!

 And here I will recap some of the last two months.....

 We had a rainy afternoon to fill up so we headed to the Children's Museum in Oak Ridge.  The kids just love all the hands on activities and themed rooms! And it was a great way to spend some family time together!  
Sammy loved the boat room and splashing in the water!
 Simone's favorite is the Rain Forest room!
 But they love all the hands on stuff, even Daddy!

 "Sleeping" in a crib all dressed up!  Love the floral purse there Sammy Wei!
 Grandma's Attic had an assortment of dress up clothes...

 Simone was also in her 2nd grade play.  She played the part of a Bumble bee and was absolutely adorable and a great little actress!
 When school was out we made our first trip to the lake for a day of swimming!  My two fish....

 We also went to Ijams Nature Center with our FCC group for our annual Ching Ming Festival.  It was a hot hot day, but so good to see all our buddies!

 And our cousins came to visit so they joined us for our picnic and hike! 
 I love this picture of Simone. ...

 The kids started summer camp and let me tell you, they came home the 1st day very very tired! 

 Apparently they were taking pictures of each other too, these were on the camera and I know I didn't take them!

 Sammy snuggling with Emma.  Rare occurrence...
 We stayed up late enough one night to catch firefly's!  This was Sammy's first time and he loved it.  Simone was a pro and had 12 or so in her net at a time!

So that is first of my "catch up" posts!  Maybe, just maybe, the summer will slow down a bit for us and I'll be back to my regular blog updates!

But for now, I've gotta run....