Friday, October 29, 2010

Wild Thing

There is a creature found only in these parts.  A creature so wild and so silly few have dared to capture it.  He goes by many names, this wild thing, like Sammy, WieChe and Sam Bam..he's even been referred to as "the little sumo".

Very difficult to catch, this wild thing can lead in chases lasting for hours.  Once caught he quickly becomes
quiet and almost docile, easily giving hugs and cuddles.  But all too soon he is off, sure of foot and fast as the wind...leading another chase.

And to capture on film, this wild thing in action, has proven almost impossible.  But I have dared to live with this creature in his own habitat and to be the first to get his silly antics on video.  As you will see below, I believe I have succeeded!

And yes, he obviously has a partner in crime!  Another wild thing has been located in the same habitat, although she appears a bit older and slightly more mature.  Yet I still believe she is the so called "ring leader".

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Last year....

Last year one of those "life changing moments" occurred. 
Last year on this very day I officially met my son, my WeiChe, for the first time. 

I've been very nostalgic this week remembering the time leading up to today.  I remember the days right before travel, thinking of all of the "lasts"---last time with only one child in the car, last time saying "my child" instead of "my children", last time getting only one youngster off to sleepyland, last moments to have only one babe to cuddle and love, last sleepless night waiting with anxiety for the day to travel-soon to be many sleepless nights of a different kind -  and last relaxing shower.... for a while anyway.  And still I can't imagine going back to not having Sammy Wei in our lives, can't remember what that was like - however did we do without him? 

Last year our family of three landed in Taipei full of all of the hopes & dreams and fears & nervousness of soon to be parents...even the second time around.  We landed in a country with such friendly people, amazing sights and smells and with a city full of bustling activity - a country so beautiful that we immediately fell in love with it.

Last year we drove over two hours to a very loving Foster Mother's home in a small city in Taiwan to finally hold our son and take him into our family.  It was a huge day for us all and for me it was filled with mixed emotions - as were many days to follow.  As excited and happy as we were, poor WeiChe was being ripped from the only Mom he knew.  To us the day meant a new addition, much eagerly awaited and with us so ready to love him.  For him it was another day of loss, a new day of confusion and fear. 

And now, a year later, I look at my darling son as he "reads" a book about Choo Choo's and smiles at me with glee every time he turns the page.  I hear his sweet voice calling for me..."Mama Mamaaa" ...whenever I leave the room, or come back in!  I see the delight in his eyes when it's time to meet JieJie at the bus stop and his excitement at the end of day when Dada finally gets home and he can run into his arms for one of his extra huge hugs.
I am amazed at all he has accomplished, all he has learned and all of the changes I've seen over the last year.  Some because he's just getting older...but some because he's felt more and more connected and comfortable with us.   And I have learned to slow down and appreciate all of these changes and accomplishments and have been enjoying all aspects of having Sammy in our lives!

And one thing we always have done with Simone is recap that very first day and week that we met --- and of course I'll be doing the same with Sammy.   What a truly incredible week of memories we made once we met Sammy Wei.  Looking over the photos I am remembering how chubby and babyish he was the day we met him and those emotions come flooding back!  What a blessing we received last year....

Below is the first moment we saw WeiChe....Oh how sweet he looked and what an amazing feeling to finally be able to hold him. 
And the photos below are the first moments together.  Yep, tears are streaming as I type...

 Back at the hotel....
We were all just falling in love with this little dumpling! and my children!
 And the four of us!  All very tired after a busy day at the zoo...
 Oh what a sweet baby!  Loved these glimpses of the happy boy he really is!
And look at all the chunk! 
So many memories have been made in the year since we met Sammy and there are so many yet to be made!  Life is busier and happier and crazier and more hilarious since we met this fellow last year....

Last year lives were forever changed.  For our family it was changed for the more ways than we ever imagined possible! 

Happy Family Day my sweet dumpling....

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Catch up...!

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog these days...and part of me says "oh just have too much else to do"  but that other voice is saying "boo hoo".  Because I really enjoy blogging and sharing the tid-bits of our life with my bloggy world pals!
So today it's simply "catch up" and I think I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Well, okay.  It is ME after all...I'll talk you through our latest days just a bit.....

Sammy has his own sense of fashion.  He refused to take his swim trunks off his head almost the whole day.

And he does love to "help" with the laundry....
Oh--- he just looks so big here! 
And he made a big furry friend at the zoo last week.  I've never seen the bears up this close, but this fellow was swimming and splashing right at the window!  Sammy was in heaven!
He liked the Macaw statue as well.  But not so crazy about the real birds...they were very loud and he was not impressed!

And my sweet girl!  We went to a nature center near our house last week and she brought her "field journal" to make notes and drawings in!
We found a cave.
And walked the nature trails.  It was a wonderful family day!
Peek-a-boo! two dumplings!
And my climber.  He has no fear folks....none! 
And you know whats funny?  He was having a blast and was laughing and talking...but the moment the camera comes out he is "Mr. Serious"!

Love my sleepy head. 
Here's my "Daisy Scout"!  She is really enjoying girl scouts and loves to wear her uniform!
Sunny fall days...perfect for filling the bird feeders!  What a helper he is!

So that's a bit of catch up on what we've been up to! 

More to post soon I am sure....

Friday, October 15, 2010

How to tell it's Autumn

There are signs that fall has arrived....

The leaves starting to change color,
the air in the morning suddenly has this crisp feeling ,
blue jeans are being pulled out from long closed drawers,
ditto for sweatpants,
everyone get cravings for foods like chili and veggie stew,
all weekend there is football on and Pro,

And of course....the biggest sign it's Autumn.......

A trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Yes, we hit that patch every year and always have such a great time.  Ours has expanded over the years from hayride/pumpkin patch/corn maze to that and then a whole lot  more!  They had slides galore, mini hay mazes, peddle tractor name it! 

So we go every year with our FCC group and this year was no different.  And since we just saw everyone a few weeks ago the kids were all ready for more fun together! 
And what great fun it was!

Sammy was beyond excited with all the tractors and trailers and scarecrows!
Here's me and my pumpkins!
And our bestest pal arrives at last!   Simone had so much fun as always with FuDa, and SP seemed just as thrilled to play a game of chase with his big bro!   And with those three starting the game of chase all of the others kiddos ended up just joining in real fast-what a crazy group!
My Sammy Wei found his own pal to hang around with!
And was naturally drawn to this old tractor!  Vrooooom vrooooom......
 Below is "the gang"! 
It's so awesome how all the kids just hang out and have such a great time!
Off on the hayride we go!  Simone is an old pro at this but Sammy was having his first turn and boy-oh-boy did he LOVE it!  And it sure looks like Simone enjoyed it as well!
My sweet little girl!  She wanted to ride over with her Mama....think I'm going to argue?
Picking pumpkins....We got some beauties this year for sure!

The four of us!  I've decided it is just and impossibility to get us all looking in the same direction at the same time!  Oh well, we're all in the frame!
Daddy & Simone with the perfect pumpkins!  Can't wait to carve them and roast up some seeds!
Some of the families went through the corn maze as it was getting dark....and spooky....and ohhh so fun for the girls and one little boy!  And the parents enjoyed it quite a bit as well!
Simone is showing us the way....
There were moments we weren't sure we'd make it was really dark-and starting to get cold! 
But we did make it!  And what a blast we had trying to find right path to freedom...and the deep fried twinkies!  Or so I was told....
So when you look close I am sure you too are seeing the hints that Autumn has come.  
It just could be my favorite season...if I had to pick one.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just cute

So Simone has joined a soccer league. 
Yes we are very proud of her, as this is a huge step for our girl who was way to shy to do this last year...even 6 months ago!  And she loves to play and eagerly goes to practice and games.  All of the girls on the team are new to soccer but have excellent coaches (ok....Adam is one of the coaches- and he is a great coach!) and have improved in the last 4 weeks.  But let me tell ya, the look of total joy on my QingLu's face as she runs up and down the field is just incredible!

And Sammy doesn't miss a practice or game either and loves to stand on the sidelines and cheer his Jie Jie and Dada on.

And he's the first to help keep the bench warm when Big Sis has to sit out a rotation.  And she is more than happy to have "Sam Bam" join her.

Just too cute....