Saturday, October 23, 2010

Catch up...!

I feel like I've been neglecting my blog these days...and part of me says "oh just have too much else to do"  but that other voice is saying "boo hoo".  Because I really enjoy blogging and sharing the tid-bits of our life with my bloggy world pals!
So today it's simply "catch up" and I think I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Well, okay.  It is ME after all...I'll talk you through our latest days just a bit.....

Sammy has his own sense of fashion.  He refused to take his swim trunks off his head almost the whole day.

And he does love to "help" with the laundry....
Oh--- he just looks so big here! 
And he made a big furry friend at the zoo last week.  I've never seen the bears up this close, but this fellow was swimming and splashing right at the window!  Sammy was in heaven!
He liked the Macaw statue as well.  But not so crazy about the real birds...they were very loud and he was not impressed!

And my sweet girl!  We went to a nature center near our house last week and she brought her "field journal" to make notes and drawings in!
We found a cave.
And walked the nature trails.  It was a wonderful family day!
Peek-a-boo! two dumplings!
And my climber.  He has no fear folks....none! 
And you know whats funny?  He was having a blast and was laughing and talking...but the moment the camera comes out he is "Mr. Serious"!

Love my sleepy head. 
Here's my "Daisy Scout"!  She is really enjoying girl scouts and loves to wear her uniform!
Sunny fall days...perfect for filling the bird feeders!  What a helper he is!

So that's a bit of catch up on what we've been up to! 

More to post soon I am sure....


michelle said...

Sammy is such a cute little man! It must be the age because my daughter will sit in our laundry basket everytime I'm trying to fold the laundry. She's also a climber. It scared me when she went up our 6 foot ladder, but when she got to the top, she had the biggest smile on her face. It's so much fun to see them grow!

Tonya said...

Great pics! Janie likes to climb too...her latest climbing adventure was at our high school softball game when she climbed the 7 foot chain link fence all the way to the top and tried to go over the top.....of course I had my hands on her the entire time but she did it completley by herself--scary!

You kids are beautiful!

Lisa said...

Oh, such a fun & sweet update...just as they always are!!

There just IS so much going on this time of year and so much to squeeze into everyday ~ so I am tickled that you took some time to share your outings/days with us! I always leave with a smile after peeking in!!

And the kiddos? Just as cute as EVER but yes, Baby Sammy did look bigger in a few of those shots!! How is that even possible??? Must be a trick of the light!!! But then the one of him sleeping is all baby....and a darling one at that!!

And look at your sweet girl with her field journal...a girl after my own heart!!

Glad all is well and hope your Halloween is Spook-tacular!!

P.S. Gracious....those baby thighs are precious in that laundry hamper....Tyler has a set too and they are yummers!! LOL