Friday, October 15, 2010

How to tell it's Autumn

There are signs that fall has arrived....

The leaves starting to change color,
the air in the morning suddenly has this crisp feeling ,
blue jeans are being pulled out from long closed drawers,
ditto for sweatpants,
everyone get cravings for foods like chili and veggie stew,
all weekend there is football on and Pro,

And of course....the biggest sign it's Autumn.......

A trip to the Pumpkin Patch!

Yes, we hit that patch every year and always have such a great time.  Ours has expanded over the years from hayride/pumpkin patch/corn maze to that and then a whole lot  more!  They had slides galore, mini hay mazes, peddle tractor name it! 

So we go every year with our FCC group and this year was no different.  And since we just saw everyone a few weeks ago the kids were all ready for more fun together! 
And what great fun it was!

Sammy was beyond excited with all the tractors and trailers and scarecrows!
Here's me and my pumpkins!
And our bestest pal arrives at last!   Simone had so much fun as always with FuDa, and SP seemed just as thrilled to play a game of chase with his big bro!   And with those three starting the game of chase all of the others kiddos ended up just joining in real fast-what a crazy group!
My Sammy Wei found his own pal to hang around with!
And was naturally drawn to this old tractor!  Vrooooom vrooooom......
 Below is "the gang"! 
It's so awesome how all the kids just hang out and have such a great time!
Off on the hayride we go!  Simone is an old pro at this but Sammy was having his first turn and boy-oh-boy did he LOVE it!  And it sure looks like Simone enjoyed it as well!
My sweet little girl!  She wanted to ride over with her Mama....think I'm going to argue?
Picking pumpkins....We got some beauties this year for sure!

The four of us!  I've decided it is just and impossibility to get us all looking in the same direction at the same time!  Oh well, we're all in the frame!
Daddy & Simone with the perfect pumpkins!  Can't wait to carve them and roast up some seeds!
Some of the families went through the corn maze as it was getting dark....and spooky....and ohhh so fun for the girls and one little boy!  And the parents enjoyed it quite a bit as well!
Simone is showing us the way....
There were moments we weren't sure we'd make it was really dark-and starting to get cold! 
But we did make it!  And what a blast we had trying to find right path to freedom...and the deep fried twinkies!  Or so I was told....
So when you look close I am sure you too are seeing the hints that Autumn has come.  
It just could be my favorite season...if I had to pick one.


Lisa said...

What a fabulous pumpkin pickin' day!! I love that your FCC group is so active and close knit ~ such an important connection ...well really for you all!! :)

And IT IS hard to pick just one fave season, but like you Autumn ranks right at the top! For all the reasons you mentioned and more!!

Plus pumpkins make great photo taking props!! LOL IF you can get them looking the same way ~ our p/patch pics look a lot like yours!! But I wouldn't trade 'em for anything....real moments & all!!

Glad all is well and before I forget, the kids are radiant and joyful!!! All of you are!!!

Tonya said...

Great pics! Looks like fun! Taking Janie to our local pumpkin patch either this weekend or next.

michelle said...

In Hawaii, we don't really have an autumn, so it's fun to see how everyone else celebrates the fall season. We always try to get a family picture, but just like you, not everyone is looking, but at least everyone is having lots of fun times!!

Julie and Dean said...

Love your pictures! They all came out great. I love the picture of you and Simone on the hay ride.
FuDa and SP had such a blast!
We hope you come over for a playdate soon!!!