Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just cute

So Simone has joined a soccer league. 
Yes we are very proud of her, as this is a huge step for our girl who was way to shy to do this last year...even 6 months ago!  And she loves to play and eagerly goes to practice and games.  All of the girls on the team are new to soccer but have excellent coaches (ok....Adam is one of the coaches- and he is a great coach!) and have improved in the last 4 weeks.  But let me tell ya, the look of total joy on my QingLu's face as she runs up and down the field is just incredible!

And Sammy doesn't miss a practice or game either and loves to stand on the sidelines and cheer his Jie Jie and Dada on.

And he's the first to help keep the bench warm when Big Sis has to sit out a rotation.  And she is more than happy to have "Sam Bam" join her.

Just too cute.... 


Lisa said...

oh my gosh...cute hardly even begins to describe it!! I'm smiling from ear to ear!!!

Isn't soccer a wonderful sport for boys AND girls?? And just think what a fantastic start our little men will have after attending so many practices and games!!

So glad she's loving it!!! Lauren will be excited to see this later!!


Julie and Dean said...

Sammy on the bench is the cutes thing ever!
We loved seeing all of you at the farm yesterday. What a blast. FuDa is smitten...