Friday, June 14, 2013

Soooooooooo Big!

Remember that game, when they were really quite little.  You'd  say "how big is baby?  How big.....Sooooooooo Big"  and the little dumpling would laugh and giggle and it was all so fun because they really were not that big.  They were still your little baby. 

Well, one day they do it to you.  They really do get sooooo big.  They grow so their head maybe reaches your shoulder, they can reach into the sink to wash their own dishes, they don't even need a booster seat!  And turn another year older.

Yup, my sweet little "first born" baby is turning nine years old today.  Nine!  I do not know where the time has flown to with her!  But I do know that she is one amazing and wonderful nine year old girl.  I am so proud of her and all the accomplishments, big and small, she's had in her 9 years.  She is a lovely girl, fun and spunky but serious and sweet.  She is my helper and my buddy.  

And on this day I feel so fortunate to be able to say Happy Birthday my dear daughter, my darling  QingLu!  My love for you is infinite and always will be!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Springtime and the zoo!

I know, I know...I got all caught up and then took a bloggy vacation again!  Let's just say these kids keep me way too busy!  I know you all understand and are probably saying "tell me about it"!

But we have been quite busy - with school ending and camp beginning.  Simone finished 3rd grade with a wonderful straight A's report card - so super proud of her for that.  And now I truly cannot believe she'll be going into 4th grade in the fall!  The kids started summer camp at their favorite of all places.  They have been swimming and gardening and hanging out with old and new friends!  Sammy just learned how to swim on his own last week, which is very exciting.  He just pushed off the steps and swam to Adam...and then all over the pool!   Camp keeps the kids busy and I'm into my 3rd month at my new (old) job and finally feeling like I've got my work brain back!

Over Mother's day weekend Adam and Simone went on a camping trip with a friend and his daughter to L.E.A.F. Festival in North Carolina.  They had a really great time, but that left Sammy and me on our own.  So what better way to spend Mother's Day than at the zoo with my little monkey!  We were joined by my friend and her little one.  I don't have any photos of the boys together....2 boys at the zoo, yep they were off in all directions!

First thing we hit was the Black Bear exhibit.  And lucky we did!  They were just walking all around

Love this little face.....
The lions were doing just what lions do....lazing around.  But so close you felt like you could touch them.  Love the new Lion Exhibit at our zoo!
We wandered all over the zoo, probably getting in a few good walking miles!  And then to one of Sammy's favorite places....the petting zoo!

Ooooo...I did capture the ever allusive 2 boys in one shot!   Sammy on top, Mr. G below!
So that is one of our fun days we've had lately!