Friday, June 25, 2010

A touch of this...

And a splash of that...

Yep, that pretty much sums up our past week.  Nothing special, we're just hanging out enjoying our summer days- doing this and that!   It's been hot here in East Tenn.   I mean scorching, steaming and way too hot to even enjoy the outdoors for too many hours each day hot!  Even Sammy's been saying "huttt, hutttt" and pointing to the house after being outside for too long.  So we've been hitting the splash pad, the lake and the backyard kiddie pool. 

Sammy has become very comfortable in the pool, just two weeks ago he couldn't stand in it and I had to hold his arm to keep him upright.  Now he runs/splashes around it and just today actually climbed in and out
on his own!  And Simone...well she is the canon-ball master.  She runs and jumps in, splashing us all! 

Ohhh Sissy...don't spray me!
Don't worry...I'll get her back, maybe splash her good later!

Well, maybe she still has the upper hand. 
Here Sammy is dressed in her cooking apron.  He doesn't seem to mind too much though and he sure looks cute.  When I asked who put it on him Simone told me he probably did it himself.  Mmm hmm...I kind of doubt that.  I was tied in a bow for cryin out loud!
Nap time.  Yep, sleeping on the couch...with Simone's LPS butterfly.  This was a huge step my lap and onto the couch.  We've since made it to the crib and Mama now gets about 1/2 hour each morning and afternoon to get some chores done or hang with my sweet girl!
Simone is such a great big sis and opted to stay in the room and make some butterflies while he napped.  She got this project for her B-Day from her Auntie and had such a great time decorating them!
And a little of that thrown in here...The dragon boat festival and Simone's pal FuDa and his brother SP!  She is still talking about what fun she had with him and is looking forward to seeing him at the Dragon Boat Races this weekend! 
Look at the grip that girl has!   They all had fun running around chasing each other.  Or maybe it was Simone chasing FuDa and SP chasing Simone..
We call this masterpiece " yum yum".  Sammy loves food just like his jie jie!  He sure knows how to wear it. 
And snack time is made more fun when it's a picnic!  Sammy loves sitting at the kiddie picnic table right next to his sister.  And she loves taking care of him...
After snack it's time for some ball!  I sometimes wonder when using all his sisters hand-me-downs will finally bother him and he starts asking for his own "boy" stuff.  Dora's not as cool as Diego for boys I suspect!  But for now he doesn't seem to mind..
And caught in the act...playing so nicely together with Simone's little people house.  This has been in the basement for about a year but when I pulled it up for him she joined right in.  They played for about 45 minutes together! 
Once I pulled out the camera Simone asked if she could get a photo of her brother laughing.  And this is Simone's picture of Sammy Wei!
So a touch of this and a splash of that ~ and the summer is moving along way too fast! 

Sammy has been feeling so well and healthy lately and has had a huge growth spurt...I am amazed at how long he has suddenly gotten.  And yes, I am feeling those tugs of sadness at his getting out of his babyhood stage and becoming such a true toddler boy.  But very excited for each new stage with him!    And with him feeling so well he has been feeling invincible I think.  He has been getting boo boos all over because he thinks he can climb anything, jump over all obstacles and move all items in his path to a new location.  I am getting a bubble to enclose him in if this keeps up, I tell ya! 

And not only is he growing physically but his personality is growing as well!  Seven months ago I wouldn't have imagined he'd have such a sense of humor and be such a joker.  But his happy little personality has emerged and blossomed in the last month or so.  He loves being the center of attention and makes friends with any person he can!  He makes himself laugh over his own antics regularly and so enjoys being silly.  Oh and how he loves to dance - his favorite music being his Wiggles DVD or his big sis singing.   Either will make him break out his groovy moves.  Right now he's stomping his feet and shaking his head to "The Shimmy Shake"!

And my sweet Simone has had growth spurts of her own!  She's so tall that some days it surprises me when I catch a glimpse of her!  And this week she decided to swim without floaties and started doing canon-balls into a real pool and then swim to the side!  Huge steps for the girl that wouldn't even put her face in the water 2 months ago!'s been a busy summer so far and one I hope she'll remember in years to come!

Now we're off to have some Friday fun...well as soon as the kids are done dancing to "La Bamba"!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And the celebrating continued

Because a girl's special day shouldn't actually last only a day...right?

So it was a weekender birthday.  On the day of her Birthday (Monday) she asked to go to Build A Bear to make a special animal.  Of course we said said "sure thing Birthday Girl"!

She chose to make an "ICarly" bear, because...well the girl enjoys her Carly show!  It was cute and she picked out a hula outfit to dress her bear in (complete with a coconut funny!). 
And yep, that's the big Daddy in the background, he left work to join us and to have lunch after!
Stuff that bear!
I think this is her new pose.  Not sure where she got the idea from but it appears any time the camera does! 
And naturally my sweet guy got to ride a red car/buggy.  Simone and I sang..."And Sam drives the big red car...he drives the big red...."  I imagine you know the rest of that favorite Wiggley tune!  Well the whole time the little goose sat in it that is- which was all of 8.2 minutes. I carried him while pushing the stinkin thing the rest of our mall visit, yes I did....oh well, he's worth it!

So the day after Simone's party, but the day before her actual birthday was Sunday (yes, we're backtracking now) and we had another busy day.  Backyard fun in the AM and our local FCC's Dragon Boat Festival in the afternoon!  It was held at a splash pad and that's a good thing cause it was a hot hot hot day!  I totally melted, but the kiddos seemed unaffected- maybe cause they were all wet!
And some great families joined us...we had a wonderful time and Simone was thrilled to include this event on her big weekend!  And we sure missed those who couldn't make it due to vacations and other business-next year maybe!

And one of the highlights for Simone was seeing one of her newest buddies, FuDa.  They are so very cute together and his little bro is a cutie pie too!  see: for photos their Mama took!

So below is my fish getting all wet.  There was no way she would have jumped in like this last know when she was just a little girl at age 5!
And my two favorite guys...Sammy was making us all work hard this day, playing his favorite game of "catch me if you can..."
And the birthday gal got her presents when we walked in the door.  A new Barbie scooter and a cash register were big hits!  Look at this face, pure joy at her new mode of transportation!
And a bag of other goodies made her say "oooh!"
Do we all look just about melted here or what!
We had cake as well while her grandparents where still here.  Look at Sammy eyeing it...he already has quite a sweet tooth! 
Her choice..."chocolate icebox cake"....Old family recipe that Adam just loves as well!
Sammy luvs his Grampie and they had many giggly moments!
And Miss Simone sure loves her Daddy...and vice versa!
So that is the end of our birthday bash weekend!  Fun times made even more special knowing it was all celebrated for my sweet daughter! 

Monday, June 14, 2010

Wow...six little big girl turns six today.  Six years that's old!  

Where oh where has time gone?  Simone has grown so much in these last five + years we've been a family.  I have been so blessed with her, to be her mom has been one of the most amazing and glorious experiences, never in my dreams could  I have imagined the heartfelt joy, love, humility and protectiveness I could feel for another human being.
Until I met my QingLu...I never knew so many things...all of the simple pleasures such a child can bring. 
I want to remember the quirky and fun sense of humor my child has-the jokes she makes and expressions she uses, and the laugh ~she hopefully will keep into adulthood ~that vibrates not only her body but anyone that is in close proximity's as well.  Her fabulous intelligence and creativity - what an artist I have here!   And the fact that she really, really in truly, is such a great big sis ...who could ask for more? 

All of which reminds me that this is not only my child, her flesh and blood come from afar.  She got some of these traits that I speak of from others... we simply nurture them and allow them to grow.  And some, oh ya, all ours....

I am so very blessed.  And I know it....

So to celebrate her special day we had a small gathering at our house with a few of her friends.  We had a great time and Simone was just in her glory!  Such great friends came to celebrate and we are so happy she's made such wonderful friendships.

My "flag day baby" in her special flag crown....
And of course Sammy Wei got one of his own...
All dolled up for her party.  It was luau themed...with the pools filled and slip n'slide ready!
Oh she's officially dolled up!
Hey...where did my water go?   Oh Sammy, that cups as big as you!
I think I can...I think I can....
I did it!  The newest way to use a slip n'slide!
And we had yard games like ring toss, horseshoes and an egg race!
Oh and of course the girls used the swing set....
And there had to be cupcakes!  This year I opted to buy them instead of making them.  I think the kiddos were all happy with that decision!

Ice cream was served as well.  Good thing was a hot hot day!

And lots of presents!  Simone got spoiled with great gifts...from artsy things to plenty of "pet shop" toys!

Love this guy!  He had so much fun at his sister's party and I think he thought all the fun was planned just for him!  He is such a social little guy and easily went from person to person!  He enjoyed the food too...go figure!

And ohhh do I love this girl!  She is such a big girl now and I am so very thankful I am her Mom.
More birthday fun has happened, we had a family celebration with her grandparents last night and we'll have a nice dinner and more celebrating tonight.  Now we're off to "Build a Bear" so she can make her BDay animal!

So Happy Birthday my sweet daughter!  I love you to Jupiter and back.....

Thursday, June 3, 2010

So far

We've been keeping ourselves very busy so far this summer.  Having both kiddos home has been so much busier and action packed than I ever expected or imagined possible!  Lot's of fun times, but so busy I barely have a chance to snap off many photos!  And for some reason Sammy is easier to capture than Simone or maybe it's just that he gets into more stuff !  

So lets take a look at what we've been far.

Sammy loves his sister's scooter and drags it all over the house and then climbs up on it and laughs!  He has no idea it's Strawberry Shortcake, he just knows it has wheels!  And he can climb on it and look like such a big boy!
And since his big sis loves popsicles it's only fair he gets one too!  He just loves them as well -and I can get him to do just about anything with the promise of a popsicle....
But there's a bad side to this too.  You see, I can't open the freezer without him running in yelling "poppppp" in his grumbly little voice.  He's become quite a fan of the frozen juices...(Grammie better stock the freezer for July!)
And Sammy's been working in his garden any chance he gets.  He's hoping for some big tomatoes this year!  He's been looking after Simone's pumkin and cucumber plants as well. 
And I love this...Sammy Wei discovered how fun it is to hide in the curtains.  He laughs and hoots and then charges out with a huge smile!   And then does it again....
And today we spent a few hours at our favorite park!  There's swimming, sand fun and a playground...what could be better?

Simone went right into the lake, and there she stayed for about 3 hours!  I'm thinking a good night sleep is in store for her!
Sammy was a bit unsure of this whole sand/water thing going on and opted to stay in the wagon for a bit.
But his big sis promised it would be okay so he ventured in a bit.  He loves the water, be it pool, sprinkler, bucket or sink...but he needed to warm up I guess.  Once he got used to it he had a blast! 

And  ~  my little fish is still in the water....
  For the record....she does not need those floaties but is not sure of this yet herself.  She was all over the swim area though- way far out even just having a blast swimming and floating around!

Once the mermaid emerged from the deep we went to the playground. 
Oh yes, the girl brought her purse and some snacks with her. 

And Sammy in his favorite place....on the swing.  Notice where he's looking though...he's watching Simone on the equipment, making sure she's okay I guess.

So, I guess I'd have to say so far we've been having a lot of fun!  Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and see what adventure we'll have!