Monday, June 14, 2010

Wow...six little big girl turns six today.  Six years that's old!  

Where oh where has time gone?  Simone has grown so much in these last five + years we've been a family.  I have been so blessed with her, to be her mom has been one of the most amazing and glorious experiences, never in my dreams could  I have imagined the heartfelt joy, love, humility and protectiveness I could feel for another human being.
Until I met my QingLu...I never knew so many things...all of the simple pleasures such a child can bring. 
I want to remember the quirky and fun sense of humor my child has-the jokes she makes and expressions she uses, and the laugh ~she hopefully will keep into adulthood ~that vibrates not only her body but anyone that is in close proximity's as well.  Her fabulous intelligence and creativity - what an artist I have here!   And the fact that she really, really in truly, is such a great big sis ...who could ask for more? 

All of which reminds me that this is not only my child, her flesh and blood come from afar.  She got some of these traits that I speak of from others... we simply nurture them and allow them to grow.  And some, oh ya, all ours....

I am so very blessed.  And I know it....

So to celebrate her special day we had a small gathering at our house with a few of her friends.  We had a great time and Simone was just in her glory!  Such great friends came to celebrate and we are so happy she's made such wonderful friendships.

My "flag day baby" in her special flag crown....
And of course Sammy Wei got one of his own...
All dolled up for her party.  It was luau themed...with the pools filled and slip n'slide ready!
Oh she's officially dolled up!
Hey...where did my water go?   Oh Sammy, that cups as big as you!
I think I can...I think I can....
I did it!  The newest way to use a slip n'slide!
And we had yard games like ring toss, horseshoes and an egg race!
Oh and of course the girls used the swing set....
And there had to be cupcakes!  This year I opted to buy them instead of making them.  I think the kiddos were all happy with that decision!

Ice cream was served as well.  Good thing was a hot hot day!

And lots of presents!  Simone got spoiled with great gifts...from artsy things to plenty of "pet shop" toys!

Love this guy!  He had so much fun at his sister's party and I think he thought all the fun was planned just for him!  He is such a social little guy and easily went from person to person!  He enjoyed the food too...go figure!

And ohhh do I love this girl!  She is such a big girl now and I am so very thankful I am her Mom.
More birthday fun has happened, we had a family celebration with her grandparents last night and we'll have a nice dinner and more celebrating tonight.  Now we're off to "Build a Bear" so she can make her BDay animal!

So Happy Birthday my sweet daughter!  I love you to Jupiter and back.....


Tonya said...

Happy Birthday! Looks like great fun!!!

Lisa said...

Oh, this made me sniffle, grin like a loon, laugh and reflect all in one!

Simply another beautiful post and everything you shared about your lovely girl resonates so firmly with me!

She's an amazing, sweet, kind, smart, thoughtful and enchanting soul....lots of it her, yes, but a reflection of you both as well...and the family you have built on love & devotion.

Happy happy birthday to your beautiful can it be she's 6 now? I remember last year's post for her 5th birthday at the park!! Her day looked splendid....just the kind of day she deserves and embodies!!

Lisa said...

P.S. I'm sure those store cupcakes had nothin' on yours my friend!! :)

babycrockett2010 said...

Happy Birthday Simone!!!!

Julie and Dean said...

What a great birthday party, everyone looks like they had so much fun!
I love Simone's stance in the first picture, modelling in the future maybe???
That hat of Sammy's is my favorite. We've been thinking about adopting again and every since Dean spent time with Sammy he is all about it! :)
Happy Birthday SIMONE!