Wednesday, June 16, 2010

And the celebrating continued

Because a girl's special day shouldn't actually last only a day...right?

So it was a weekender birthday.  On the day of her Birthday (Monday) she asked to go to Build A Bear to make a special animal.  Of course we said said "sure thing Birthday Girl"!

She chose to make an "ICarly" bear, because...well the girl enjoys her Carly show!  It was cute and she picked out a hula outfit to dress her bear in (complete with a coconut funny!). 
And yep, that's the big Daddy in the background, he left work to join us and to have lunch after!
Stuff that bear!
I think this is her new pose.  Not sure where she got the idea from but it appears any time the camera does! 
And naturally my sweet guy got to ride a red car/buggy.  Simone and I sang..."And Sam drives the big red car...he drives the big red...."  I imagine you know the rest of that favorite Wiggley tune!  Well the whole time the little goose sat in it that is- which was all of 8.2 minutes. I carried him while pushing the stinkin thing the rest of our mall visit, yes I did....oh well, he's worth it!

So the day after Simone's party, but the day before her actual birthday was Sunday (yes, we're backtracking now) and we had another busy day.  Backyard fun in the AM and our local FCC's Dragon Boat Festival in the afternoon!  It was held at a splash pad and that's a good thing cause it was a hot hot hot day!  I totally melted, but the kiddos seemed unaffected- maybe cause they were all wet!
And some great families joined us...we had a wonderful time and Simone was thrilled to include this event on her big weekend!  And we sure missed those who couldn't make it due to vacations and other business-next year maybe!

And one of the highlights for Simone was seeing one of her newest buddies, FuDa.  They are so very cute together and his little bro is a cutie pie too!  see: for photos their Mama took!

So below is my fish getting all wet.  There was no way she would have jumped in like this last know when she was just a little girl at age 5!
And my two favorite guys...Sammy was making us all work hard this day, playing his favorite game of "catch me if you can..."
And the birthday gal got her presents when we walked in the door.  A new Barbie scooter and a cash register were big hits!  Look at this face, pure joy at her new mode of transportation!
And a bag of other goodies made her say "oooh!"
Do we all look just about melted here or what!
We had cake as well while her grandparents where still here.  Look at Sammy eyeing it...he already has quite a sweet tooth! 
Her choice..."chocolate icebox cake"....Old family recipe that Adam just loves as well!
Sammy luvs his Grampie and they had many giggly moments!
And Miss Simone sure loves her Daddy...and vice versa!
So that is the end of our birthday bash weekend!  Fun times made even more special knowing it was all celebrated for my sweet daughter! 


Lisa said...

Our family absolutely believes in drawing out those birthdays too!! :) Sometimes one little day just doesn't do it!

She looks so joyful and I'm loving the new pose ~ chuckle...I have one at home too that enjoys a certain angle every time the camera appears! LOVE that I Carly bear too!

AND sweet Sammy's face eyeballing that cake...I laughed right out loud, which then brought both kids over to ooh & ahh over your darlings! Tyler hollered out "baby boy" upon seeing Sam and thought Simone was Lauren at first glance! Lauren thinks Sam is a cutie pie ( I agree!!) and that she & Simone would have some "mad fun" at Build-a-Bear and the splash park! ( I agree there too!)

They are beyond cute btw!! I say that every time...but still....a Mama never tires of hearing it, right? :)

AND wilted? I don't think so!! You always look GREAT!!

Julie and Dean said...

oh my gosh, that picture of Sammy with Adam's dad is gorgeous!
And, simone deserves an extended birthday!!

Teresa said...

I know just how you feel! My baby is now 6 and it seems like it was just a few months ago we brought her home! Now she is going into first grade. And my oldest is starting MIDDLE SCHOOL!! Gasp!

The saying that the days are long, but the years are short is soooo true.

Thanks for the comments on my blog!