Friday, June 25, 2010

A touch of this...

And a splash of that...

Yep, that pretty much sums up our past week.  Nothing special, we're just hanging out enjoying our summer days- doing this and that!   It's been hot here in East Tenn.   I mean scorching, steaming and way too hot to even enjoy the outdoors for too many hours each day hot!  Even Sammy's been saying "huttt, hutttt" and pointing to the house after being outside for too long.  So we've been hitting the splash pad, the lake and the backyard kiddie pool. 

Sammy has become very comfortable in the pool, just two weeks ago he couldn't stand in it and I had to hold his arm to keep him upright.  Now he runs/splashes around it and just today actually climbed in and out
on his own!  And Simone...well she is the canon-ball master.  She runs and jumps in, splashing us all! 

Ohhh Sissy...don't spray me!
Don't worry...I'll get her back, maybe splash her good later!

Well, maybe she still has the upper hand. 
Here Sammy is dressed in her cooking apron.  He doesn't seem to mind too much though and he sure looks cute.  When I asked who put it on him Simone told me he probably did it himself.  Mmm hmm...I kind of doubt that.  I was tied in a bow for cryin out loud!
Nap time.  Yep, sleeping on the couch...with Simone's LPS butterfly.  This was a huge step my lap and onto the couch.  We've since made it to the crib and Mama now gets about 1/2 hour each morning and afternoon to get some chores done or hang with my sweet girl!
Simone is such a great big sis and opted to stay in the room and make some butterflies while he napped.  She got this project for her B-Day from her Auntie and had such a great time decorating them!
And a little of that thrown in here...The dragon boat festival and Simone's pal FuDa and his brother SP!  She is still talking about what fun she had with him and is looking forward to seeing him at the Dragon Boat Races this weekend! 
Look at the grip that girl has!   They all had fun running around chasing each other.  Or maybe it was Simone chasing FuDa and SP chasing Simone..
We call this masterpiece " yum yum".  Sammy loves food just like his jie jie!  He sure knows how to wear it. 
And snack time is made more fun when it's a picnic!  Sammy loves sitting at the kiddie picnic table right next to his sister.  And she loves taking care of him...
After snack it's time for some ball!  I sometimes wonder when using all his sisters hand-me-downs will finally bother him and he starts asking for his own "boy" stuff.  Dora's not as cool as Diego for boys I suspect!  But for now he doesn't seem to mind..
And caught in the act...playing so nicely together with Simone's little people house.  This has been in the basement for about a year but when I pulled it up for him she joined right in.  They played for about 45 minutes together! 
Once I pulled out the camera Simone asked if she could get a photo of her brother laughing.  And this is Simone's picture of Sammy Wei!
So a touch of this and a splash of that ~ and the summer is moving along way too fast! 

Sammy has been feeling so well and healthy lately and has had a huge growth spurt...I am amazed at how long he has suddenly gotten.  And yes, I am feeling those tugs of sadness at his getting out of his babyhood stage and becoming such a true toddler boy.  But very excited for each new stage with him!    And with him feeling so well he has been feeling invincible I think.  He has been getting boo boos all over because he thinks he can climb anything, jump over all obstacles and move all items in his path to a new location.  I am getting a bubble to enclose him in if this keeps up, I tell ya! 

And not only is he growing physically but his personality is growing as well!  Seven months ago I wouldn't have imagined he'd have such a sense of humor and be such a joker.  But his happy little personality has emerged and blossomed in the last month or so.  He loves being the center of attention and makes friends with any person he can!  He makes himself laugh over his own antics regularly and so enjoys being silly.  Oh and how he loves to dance - his favorite music being his Wiggles DVD or his big sis singing.   Either will make him break out his groovy moves.  Right now he's stomping his feet and shaking his head to "The Shimmy Shake"!

And my sweet Simone has had growth spurts of her own!  She's so tall that some days it surprises me when I catch a glimpse of her!  And this week she decided to swim without floaties and started doing canon-balls into a real pool and then swim to the side!  Huge steps for the girl that wouldn't even put her face in the water 2 months ago!'s been a busy summer so far and one I hope she'll remember in years to come!

Now we're off to have some Friday fun...well as soon as the kids are done dancing to "La Bamba"!


Tonya said...

Looks like your having a great summer! Love the apron picture and the yum yum picture!!!

Heather Robinson said...

Loving these pictures! Good times! (Also, we ALMOST got that butterfly kit for Simone for her birthday). Have a great weekend and we'll see you soon!

michelle said...

Can't believe it's been 7 months. My husband and I were in Taiwan 7 months ago also. On the morning that we picked up our daughter, we saw your family and Sammy having breakfast (we stayed at the Agora too). I was going to introduce myself to let you know that I read your wonderful blog, but I was kind of an emotional mess that morning. Sammy was a cutie pie then, and he's grown even more handsome!!

Lisa said...

Well water and cuties equals summer for certain!!

LOVE all the pics and can't pick a fave cuz they all scream FUN, JOY and adorableness!! Is that even a word? It is NOW!! :)

Describes your crew to a tea!!

Lisa said...

P.S. LOL the apron.....and the explanation behind it!! Cracks me up AND I have a little man who occasionally appears with a headband on and suspicious Cotton Candy spray misted on did those get there???? ;)