Thursday, July 1, 2010

Racing Day

Dragon Boat Racing Day that is!
We have our races in June here and each year it seems to grow larger and have more rowers!  Our FCC (Families with Children from China) Chapter has a craft booth that is a huge hit every year.  Our president is also in charge of the crafts and I have to say- she had some fantastic crafts this year!  Sammy and I volunteered to "man the booth" for an hour.  Adam and Simone spent the weekend in Atlanta, so it was just the two of us!

And Sammy had a great time hanging out but kept looking around for his big sis!
Once we finished at the booth we headed for the lake to cool off!  Sammy just loves the water and has little to no fear of splashing and rolling around!
We stayed for a couple of races.  I really love the feeling in the air as each race starts- all of the cheering and the excitement...the drums beating, the rowers yelling encouragement to each other, the thrill of a close race -and then the slower and solemn drum beat bringing the boats back in.
And before we left we headed back to the FCC booth so Sammy could take a spin in the child size Dragon Boat.  He climbed right in like he's been racing all his life!  No fear of the other kids in it already, he just plopped himself right in!
He waited with great patience for his turn on the drum.
  And then at last...he was in charge!  He had so much fun banging that drum and really seemed to understand what he was doing there!  But when another child declared it was her turn he cheerfully handed the sticks over to her and held his arms out to Mama to get down!  What a guy!
When we got home it was time to work on the garden.  Sammy made sure to water well... (so he's watering the only area without anything green in it...he's trying!)
And silly boy that he is --- he turned the hose on me, laughing all the while!
And just to show you what a handful he is....
This is how I found him after leaving the room for probably 20 seconds!  He climbed up onto the couch and then onto the table to get his paws on the TV remote.  And he got the TV turned on!
The following day we met up with our other family members at our pal's pool.  Here's a picture of my girl...swimming without her floaties on.  But since she was doing canon balls into the pool she decided to just hold on to them.  Silly girl!

It was a fun weekend for me with my little fellow!  But I sure missed my sweet girl and hubby and I think I speak for both Sammy and myself when I say we were glad to have them both home!  The week since has been busy and I should have more photos to post soon.  If these two dumplings give me a chance to get on the computer that is...

Happy Fourth of July...and God Bless America!


Lisa said...

I just bet that Simone missed Sammy ( and Mama too!!) just as much as Sammy missed her!!

But its so hard with the little ones, as they don't understand the why or the where?? Right now we are have struggling with Tyler's upset when Lauren has a friend over....and with the neighborhood in full summer swing, there have been buddies over almost every day! Poor little man!!

What a wonderful "racing day" and Sammy looks like a pro and ready for rowing!!

AND he's just CUTE CUTE CUTE!! Love the pic of your lovely mermaid too!!

Glad your summer has been splash'A'riffic!! :)


Julie and Dean said...

So disappointed we missed you at the dragon boat races. Love Sammy on the table with the remote :) TOO CUTE!