Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Elf has landed....

Yes, finally.  An Elf has landed at our home. 

For the last few years Simone asked Santa to NOT bring an elf, but this year she totally changed her mind.  And boy has it been fun!  It is the first thing these two look for upon waking and arriving home from school.

This elf, which has been named "Ella" is rather lazy - thank goodness!  I am not up to the challenges of a creative elf, or a naughty one either.  This sweet lady elf just hangs out wherever she chooses and changes positions occasionally to keep us guessing.

And just look how she's sitting on our Latke (potato pancake) platter.  Oh yes Ella, I get the humor of this contradiction ....
 Sometimes she literally just hangs around....
We don't technically celebrate Christmas in our house, so there is no tree or Christmas gear.  But Santa Clause does visit with presents when we are up North with my family, so we thought an elf would be a fun visitor.

And from the adult in the house's standpoint....these elves are great.   If the kids are getting naughty or not playing nice, well Ella will surely report that nonsense to the big fellow up North!  And if I forget to do something, I blame Ella for undoing it, because certainly I would never have forgotten!  And most awesome....If I eat the last chocolate in the candy jar or finish off some body's brownie I say  "well obviously Ella did it while you were sleeping"!

So we have landed us an elf this Holiday Season.  Hope she comes around next year, and that we still have two "believers" in the family.

Happy Holidays.