Friday, June 14, 2013

Soooooooooo Big!

Remember that game, when they were really quite little.  You'd  say "how big is baby?  How big.....Sooooooooo Big"  and the little dumpling would laugh and giggle and it was all so fun because they really were not that big.  They were still your little baby. 

Well, one day they do it to you.  They really do get sooooo big.  They grow so their head maybe reaches your shoulder, they can reach into the sink to wash their own dishes, they don't even need a booster seat!  And turn another year older.

Yup, my sweet little "first born" baby is turning nine years old today.  Nine!  I do not know where the time has flown to with her!  But I do know that she is one amazing and wonderful nine year old girl.  I am so proud of her and all the accomplishments, big and small, she's had in her 9 years.  She is a lovely girl, fun and spunky but serious and sweet.  She is my helper and my buddy.  

And on this day I feel so fortunate to be able to say Happy Birthday my dear daughter, my darling  QingLu!  My love for you is infinite and always will be!


Sunday, June 9, 2013

Springtime and the zoo!

I know, I know...I got all caught up and then took a bloggy vacation again!  Let's just say these kids keep me way too busy!  I know you all understand and are probably saying "tell me about it"!

But we have been quite busy - with school ending and camp beginning.  Simone finished 3rd grade with a wonderful straight A's report card - so super proud of her for that.  And now I truly cannot believe she'll be going into 4th grade in the fall!  The kids started summer camp at their favorite of all places.  They have been swimming and gardening and hanging out with old and new friends!  Sammy just learned how to swim on his own last week, which is very exciting.  He just pushed off the steps and swam to Adam...and then all over the pool!   Camp keeps the kids busy and I'm into my 3rd month at my new (old) job and finally feeling like I've got my work brain back!

Over Mother's day weekend Adam and Simone went on a camping trip with a friend and his daughter to L.E.A.F. Festival in North Carolina.  They had a really great time, but that left Sammy and me on our own.  So what better way to spend Mother's Day than at the zoo with my little monkey!  We were joined by my friend and her little one.  I don't have any photos of the boys together....2 boys at the zoo, yep they were off in all directions!

First thing we hit was the Black Bear exhibit.  And lucky we did!  They were just walking all around

Love this little face.....
The lions were doing just what lions do....lazing around.  But so close you felt like you could touch them.  Love the new Lion Exhibit at our zoo!
We wandered all over the zoo, probably getting in a few good walking miles!  And then to one of Sammy's favorite places....the petting zoo!

Ooooo...I did capture the ever allusive 2 boys in one shot!   Sammy on top, Mr. G below!
So that is one of our fun days we've had lately!

Monday, May 13, 2013


I think this post will actually catch me up!  We've been super busy these last few months but unfortunately I bad have been a bit about taking photos.

We've had some really wet weather this spring so every day that it is even a bit nice we've been spending it outdoors!

We took a mini family trip to Florida in March.  It was a fun visit with the Grandparents and Adam and I attended the wedding of one of my dear pals.  All the kids wanted to do was put their toes in the sand...

And collect shells and rocks...

We headed to one of our favorite playgrounds in Dunedin, one that we took Simone to when she was just a baby!  The weather was perfect for an afternoon of play!

And we took a walk to see the boats!

It was a fun fun visit!

Back in TN we continued to try and coax Spring into the air!  Sammy & I went to a Spring fling/egg hunt at a local farm.  It was bitter cold and windy but we made the most of it.
Sammy loved the sheep & cows and spent most of the time visiting with them!
Sammy's school held their annual "Art Gala".  It was a fun night to socialize with other parents and see all the cute artwork.  Of course we bought Sammy's masterpieces!
And we attended our FCC Kite Festival,  The actual festival was cancelled this year but we decided to all meet up anyway!  We had a great time.  

My pal Julie talking with Sammy...
And the whole gang!!!!  What a great group of kids....

And with this I am finally caught up! 
That wasn't so bad now was it?

And since I loaded these photos we've done more, seen more and had more fun so I will be back to posting again soon!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Birth Mother's Day

So I had no idea there was a day set aside to remember Birth Mothers.  But there is and it is today - the day before Mother's Day.  It isn't on any calendars and it's not really a day of "celebration" in my opinion.
But it is a day to honor a life altering act, one that is painful and difficult for most, if not all, women who decide to place their baby for adoption.

And now that I know of it I'll take this opportunity to say a special  prayer of thanks to the three Birth Mothers that have changed my life completely.  Through the choice each of them made I have been able to grow up in a loving and amazing family, and I have been able to be Mom to the most incredible little beings in the world. 

I remember how difficult Mother's day was in the years before Simone came home.  I remember feeling such pain and anguish once when the clerk at the grocery store unknowingly wished me a Happy Mother Day with a big smile on her face.  I remember some of my friends celebrating being new Mom's and their first Mother's Day's, how I really had nothing to do besides calling my own Mother.   So even now in my joy of waking up to breakfast in bed, cards and flowers and a day of (somewhat) leisure with my kids I still have the remembrance of that pain.  And I often wonder if the three Birth Mothers I am forever indebted to have that very same pain.

If only I could tell them that on every day they are remembered, thought of, honored and thanked.   But for sure on this day I will give an extra prayer and I will give my two blessings an extra hug with their Birth Mothers in my heart.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

A game of catch-up!

Oh yes, now we begin the game I like to call "catch-up"!  I really have let myself get behind, so let's just dive in with round 1.

Back in February we celebrated Chinese New Year with our wonderful FCC friends.  It was an incredible day full of laughter and entertainment. 

We got photos of the kids with others from their region.  Here's are 2 Taiwan tornado's!
And the Jiangxi gang!  There is actually a lot more from that Province but rounding them all up....well I am sure you've heard the expression "herding cats"...
And the WHOLE gang!!!!  I love how certain kids are holding, or leaning into, or have their hands on or are smiling at other kids.  This group is just amazing together and I relish every gathering we get to attend with them. 
The same day we celebrated CNY was.......Sammy Wei's 4th Birthday!!!  I can not believe my sweet baby is a four year old boy!  He got quite spoiled with friends and family for birthday dinner and cake!
The next day we had his Birthday Celebration with all of his friends from school.  Our little fighter pilot in training insisted on a "runway" cake, so Mama did her best.

He had a huge birthday bash with lots of great friends.  We had/borrowed inflatables and booked the gym at his school.  The kids ran, danced, hoola-hooped, bounced and played for 2 straight hours.  Even though there were over 20 kids it was a really fun afternoon!
And of course there was a Pinata!
We got a late winter snow...not enough to really play in but enough to make Simone happy!

My silly guy!

The kids have been enjoying riding bikes on the street this winter.  It's so cool to see the little fellow on a bike!  And Simone hasn't been on hers for over a year, I think it's time for a new one that fits those long legs!!
Rock on little buddy!

And this next set of photos was really a huge treat for our family.  I saw tickets on Groupon for a "drive thru zoo" about an hour from our house.  Sure, at first we were all a bit skeptical (especially Simone!).  But I tell you was one of THE BEST days our family has spent!  It was full of laughs and hugs and just being together!  
So you basically stay in your car & roll the windows down and all these animals just come up and eat the food out of your hand!  We petted deer, cows, emus (ok...we were scared of the emus and just tossed the food to them) and zebras and piglets and.....oh so many really cool, and some slobbery, animals!

Yep, great animal fun!

So that is the first round of catching up. 
I think I got us to March.  Let's see what comes next!!!