Monday, May 13, 2013


I think this post will actually catch me up!  We've been super busy these last few months but unfortunately I bad have been a bit about taking photos.

We've had some really wet weather this spring so every day that it is even a bit nice we've been spending it outdoors!

We took a mini family trip to Florida in March.  It was a fun visit with the Grandparents and Adam and I attended the wedding of one of my dear pals.  All the kids wanted to do was put their toes in the sand...

And collect shells and rocks...

We headed to one of our favorite playgrounds in Dunedin, one that we took Simone to when she was just a baby!  The weather was perfect for an afternoon of play!

And we took a walk to see the boats!

It was a fun fun visit!

Back in TN we continued to try and coax Spring into the air!  Sammy & I went to a Spring fling/egg hunt at a local farm.  It was bitter cold and windy but we made the most of it.
Sammy loved the sheep & cows and spent most of the time visiting with them!
Sammy's school held their annual "Art Gala".  It was a fun night to socialize with other parents and see all the cute artwork.  Of course we bought Sammy's masterpieces!
And we attended our FCC Kite Festival,  The actual festival was cancelled this year but we decided to all meet up anyway!  We had a great time.  

My pal Julie talking with Sammy...
And the whole gang!!!!  What a great group of kids....

And with this I am finally caught up! 
That wasn't so bad now was it?

And since I loaded these photos we've done more, seen more and had more fun so I will be back to posting again soon!

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Heather said...

GREAT pictures. Sammy on that bike looks so grown up. And that cap with the dimple. Be still my heart.

Can't wait to see Simone's braces. Heard all about them from Molly.

Looking forward to playing once school is out!