Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is Travis there? daughter has a real funny sense of humor.
Sometimes I forget this...and then she pulls a "Travis". 

See, it goes like this:
My dear hubby got an official "work phone" a few months back.Apparently the previous owner of his new phone number was a gent named Travis.  We've come to this conclusion based on the number of phone calls hubby got asking "Is Travis there"?   I guess it happened a lot because Adam came home one day saying he'd love to find this Travis fellow and give him his number back. 

Well, Simone being who she is latched on to this and found it so funny.  People calling her Daddy asking for Travis.  Ha ha...can't you see the humor?

Well quite a few months have passed since this whole Travis thing.  Adam was on his way home tonight when Simone asked if we could call him.  On account of how much she missed him.

So I dial the phone and hand it to her. 
I hear her say in this really deep voice say..."Hello, is Travis there?   Ha ha Daddy, get it...Travis"

What a goofball, and what a sense of humor.  Only she would remember something like that.
I just love my little darling....

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer days...

Summer may not have "officially" started on the calendar, but since school is out...well summer days are here for us!   And what do we have planned?  Oh all sorts of good things are in store!  We have that splash pad close by, the zoo, the lake as well as some mini and longer vacations planned.

We already spent one of our days at the Children's Museum which both the kids just loved! 

Here we are entering.  Simone likes to push "her Wei-Che" in the stroller.  He only stays put in there for a few minutes anyway and then our little Houdini makes his escape.
One of Simone's favorite rooms is The Spy Room.   It houses lots of items from when Oak Ridge was considered "The Secret City"

And there is a big gym, perfect for running around together!

And of course the Doll House room!  

Ding dong....anybody home?
Why yes, come on in, sir!
I'll make us some grub while you...umm, well while you "re-arrange" the cabinets....
Perfect size for my sweet girl!
Now where did Sammy go?  Oh he's outside playing with his own much more interesting in this new setting!
And the Old Schoolhouse Room.  Sammy went right for the piano and played away!
And Simone was the perfect student!
As well as a fantastic astronaut!
While Sammy climbed to the top of the castle to rescue his fair maiden!
What a fun time, I am sure we'll be visiting the Museum plenty this summer!

And the next day we went to an event at the Worlds Fair Park.  It was so busy I didn't get any photos but this one of Sammy in a sailboat.  Too cute!
And both my dumplings plum tuckered!  It was a very quiet drive home....

So we've been staying busy so far each day and I must say the kids (and myself) have been sleeping well each night!  I am really looking forward to many more fun & busy summer days...

Sunday, May 23, 2010

School's out for summer....

Oh ya baby....School's out for summer...School's out with fever...School's out completely!!

Yup, school is out for my Kindergartner.  Ummm...gulp...I mean ....1st grader.

Okay this is interesting... started this post singing Alice Cooper and moved into a half sob in the second sentence.  How in the world can school be done and my little girl be ready for real big kid school?  I remember her 1st day of school like it was yesterday!  Oh my how could I forget it...the tears, the fears, the anxious moments watching the clock just waiting for the moment the day was over.  And I can only imagine how Simone felt!

I am so excited to be able to be home with my sweet girl this summer and I have lots of ideas of fun things to do to pass the days.  But I must say, this school year simply flew!  I have blamed it on the "impending adoption" and then having Sammy Wei home, but I think the rest of the years may just take flight as well.  And holy cow... has my darling grown and changed and matured so very much.  What a year and what a young lady she is becoming.  She is still a joy to be around and has that laugh that can be heard from anywhere within a 2 mile radius.  But she has now developed these wonderful social skills and abilities to adapt to new situations and social pressures.  I cannot believe when Sammy and I go to school for some event or lunch and there she is...totally in her element and just being such a kid - a BIG kid!  Warms the heart and makes the soul glow!  She started the school year crying at the door to her classroom every day and now throws a kiss over her shoulder at the front door.  She has made many many great friends and has become so much more self confident.

So yes, school is out for summer.

And now is my real brag time.  The report cards that have come home through the year have been great.  But her final one was wonderful and shows that she is a good student that has learned so much in her first school year.  She got all good marks and has obviously improved on her reading, writing and math skills.    Her teacher commented that she was a great math student and wrote a nice little note about Simone for us that I will cherish.  I was so very proud of how much she has done this year already, for I can see it at home..but to see it from another's viewpoint is wonderful!   We were fortunate to be zoned for such a great school- the teachers and staff are all fantastic, really above our expectations!  I definitely attribute much of her growth to the wonderful staff at her school.   And the parents we've met and interacted with have been just great to get to know.

So now I have my big big girl out of school and ready to have one fun summer with her Mama and baby bro.  And we'll just not think about 1st grade until...well until we have to!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Zoo days.....

Yep, we do enjoy our zoo.   It's a pretty zoo that focuses on education, conservation and research to help develop an appreciation for "the wonders of the natural world".  The kids love it, it's good exercise and a lot of fun!

Family that's a rare animal itself!
Have I ever mentioned Sammy Wei LOVES those people dressed like animals...whatever they are really called!  He sees them and makes a bee line to get/give hugs and touch their hands/paws.  I wish we could have captured his true glee, he was all giggles and smiles!  Simone hovers close by, just in case her baby bro needs her.  
And there were two on this day...double happiness!
One of our favorite exhibits at the zoo is the butterfly house.  It is so cool to walk among the butterflies.  And if you are still enough they will land on you!  The kids love it and we always stay in for a quite a while.
And my personal favorite animals.
No no- the zebra's...not Adam & Sammy!
We had no idea it was "Princess Day" at the zoo so what a great surprise for the girls!  They were thrilled to get to meet some of their favorites! 
Oh and look....our very own Princesses!  Aren't they just lovely! my little dumpling!
And I just love this picture!  My guys....
And once again Sammy's favorite part of the zoo...the Billie goats!

Three frogs!  Oh my....wonder if I'll get a prince if I kiss em!
And because we can't have a lazy day- Adam brought the kiddos to our friends pool after the zoo while I did a Chocolate Tasting Party.  Sammy promptly made good use of the lounge chair... for a nap!
But Simone was a fish in the pool with "Toddy" the floating dragon! 

So yes, zoo days...what fun!
I am sure with our handy dandy "zoo pass" renewed we'll be visiting a lot this summer. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Bear Tale

You all have heard of people telling a fish know how it goes..."the one that got away".

Well this is my Dad.
And this is his "Bear Tale"

"went hiking yesterday up a local mountain ..when bear got a look at this action ..took off on the fly.." sure must have been a big one Dad!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy days

Yep, these days are just filled to the rim it seems!  My bestest blog buddy, Lisa, and I comment to each other all the time how the days are over before it seems we even get out of our pj's!  As tiring as it is I do love running after Wei-Che all day, it gives me such joy!  And as with any "job"...the busier you are the faster the day flies!
So what do we do all day?

Well, there's lunch time....
Which is also funny boy play time!  This is his "smile"...he's so silly!

And we pick up Simone from school after that, which can lead to outdoor fun or indoor play.

And sometimes we have a "play date".  My neighbors little fellow came for the afternoon last week while she ran errands.  Good thing there were two vehicles, one for each guy!

Sammy's first time getting in his bumble bee all by himself!  He looks so very proud.  And a bit smug...hmmm..
He looks like he's being a good pal, right....helping his friend go farther, faster.  Well I think there was an another motive...
Sneaking into the red car while his buddy was on the other side of the porch!   Shhhhhhh.....
I did it!  The red car is mine all mine!

You won't tell, right Mama!

And after all that hard play a boy needs some nourishment!  Mashed taters are tops on Sammy's list!  They taste oh so yummy and are quite decorative as well!

And so ends another busy day.  And what did we get done, what do we have to show for our hard day?   Well nothing of any importance. 

But we sure had a lot of fun!

Monday, May 10, 2010

I've got my new camera up and running.  (and Tammi...I do like it!)  It's nothing fancy but easy to use so I have been busy shooting pics of the kids whenever I can!

We'll call this photo shoot..."Water Boy".  Sammy just loves to play in the water, be it the dogs water bowl, the kiddie pool or...well the kitchen sink!
He likes to help Mama "wash the dishes".  And the walls and the floor a bit as well.  He can sit up here for as long as I let him, just playing.

So I  got a brilliant idea...splash pad!  We played for over an hour...running towards the water and then running back to me screaming and giggling.

He tested the water...still not ready to take the plunge...

Love his one.  He's looking up at one of the hoses wondering how he was going to get to it.

Getting braver...
Later in the day....
Emma in the pool and Sammy just hanging outside of it, drinking "tea".
Mmmmmmm, refreshing!

Oh finally!  Simone joins the fun!
And since he so enjoyed the splash pad we had to bring big Sis the next afternoon.  Here she is, right in the middle of the action!

What a good big sis, helping Sammy stay out of the "line of fire"!  Those big kids will shoot water at anybody and Simone was very protective of "her baby".

I just love the look on his face!  This was after almost 3 hours there.  I was wiped out but these two just kept playing!

So that's Sammy's ideal day (or two) filled with water.  What could be better!  I think this summer will be lot's f fun with a lot of water play!

And we went to the zoo with some wonderful FCC Families and guess, I didn't forget the camera - just the battery!  So no photos of that to share but I'm sure by the end of the week I'll have plenty of others to post!