Monday, May 10, 2010

I've got my new camera up and running.  (and Tammi...I do like it!)  It's nothing fancy but easy to use so I have been busy shooting pics of the kids whenever I can!

We'll call this photo shoot..."Water Boy".  Sammy just loves to play in the water, be it the dogs water bowl, the kiddie pool or...well the kitchen sink!
He likes to help Mama "wash the dishes".  And the walls and the floor a bit as well.  He can sit up here for as long as I let him, just playing.

So I  got a brilliant idea...splash pad!  We played for over an hour...running towards the water and then running back to me screaming and giggling.

He tested the water...still not ready to take the plunge...

Love his one.  He's looking up at one of the hoses wondering how he was going to get to it.

Getting braver...
Later in the day....
Emma in the pool and Sammy just hanging outside of it, drinking "tea".
Mmmmmmm, refreshing!

Oh finally!  Simone joins the fun!
And since he so enjoyed the splash pad we had to bring big Sis the next afternoon.  Here she is, right in the middle of the action!

What a good big sis, helping Sammy stay out of the "line of fire"!  Those big kids will shoot water at anybody and Simone was very protective of "her baby".

I just love the look on his face!  This was after almost 3 hours there.  I was wiped out but these two just kept playing!

So that's Sammy's ideal day (or two) filled with water.  What could be better!  I think this summer will be lot's f fun with a lot of water play!

And we went to the zoo with some wonderful FCC Families and guess, I didn't forget the camera - just the battery!  So no photos of that to share but I'm sure by the end of the week I'll have plenty of others to post!


Lisa said...

These are WONDERFUL!! Splash-a-riffic I say!

Some of my best memories(and photos) of last summer were outside and involved water also! I'm so happy to know that your little guy is a budding "fishie" cuz that makes it all the easier keeping them both happily busy!

I can't wait until we can get out there again for some H2o fun! You got me all READY for it!

The new camera looks GREAT but ya know what? I don't think your two gorgeous kiddos could take a bad shot!

AND my heart melted that Simone is so sweet & protective of her baby boy! I just *love* that!!

Hugs and I too hope to dash off an email at some point in time...LOL...where oh where do the days get to??

Serline said...

Wish there were a way to introduce him to Narelle, as she too is a huge fan of water play of all kinds...

Julie and Dean said...

I love Sammy in his little hat. That face is just so squeezable!!