Monday, May 17, 2010

Busy days

Yep, these days are just filled to the rim it seems!  My bestest blog buddy, Lisa, and I comment to each other all the time how the days are over before it seems we even get out of our pj's!  As tiring as it is I do love running after Wei-Che all day, it gives me such joy!  And as with any "job"...the busier you are the faster the day flies!
So what do we do all day?

Well, there's lunch time....
Which is also funny boy play time!  This is his "smile"...he's so silly!

And we pick up Simone from school after that, which can lead to outdoor fun or indoor play.

And sometimes we have a "play date".  My neighbors little fellow came for the afternoon last week while she ran errands.  Good thing there were two vehicles, one for each guy!

Sammy's first time getting in his bumble bee all by himself!  He looks so very proud.  And a bit smug...hmmm..
He looks like he's being a good pal, right....helping his friend go farther, faster.  Well I think there was an another motive...
Sneaking into the red car while his buddy was on the other side of the porch!   Shhhhhhh.....
I did it!  The red car is mine all mine!

You won't tell, right Mama!

And after all that hard play a boy needs some nourishment!  Mashed taters are tops on Sammy's list!  They taste oh so yummy and are quite decorative as well!

And so ends another busy day.  And what did we get done, what do we have to show for our hard day?   Well nothing of any importance. 

But we sure had a lot of fun!


Lisa said...

*giggle* YES, its all SO true but I know neither one of us would have it any other way!! What other job has those kind of fringe benefits?? :)

Jen, these pics are beyond adorable!! Look how beautiful both of your gems are ~ and just getting moreso each & every day!

Love the many expressions of Sammy and laughed so hard at his "helping hand" with his buddy. How well I know those tactics! LOL

Glad your days are spent with joy and mashed doesn't get any better than that!! And hey, if you can do it all in a lounge suit....all the better I say! ;)

babycrockett2010 said...

They are so cute!!! I could just reach through the screen and pinch Sammy's cheeks!