Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Zoo days.....

Yep, we do enjoy our zoo.   It's a pretty zoo that focuses on education, conservation and research to help develop an appreciation for "the wonders of the natural world".  The kids love it, it's good exercise and a lot of fun!

Family that's a rare animal itself!
Have I ever mentioned Sammy Wei LOVES those people dressed like animals...whatever they are really called!  He sees them and makes a bee line to get/give hugs and touch their hands/paws.  I wish we could have captured his true glee, he was all giggles and smiles!  Simone hovers close by, just in case her baby bro needs her.  
And there were two on this day...double happiness!
One of our favorite exhibits at the zoo is the butterfly house.  It is so cool to walk among the butterflies.  And if you are still enough they will land on you!  The kids love it and we always stay in for a quite a while.
And my personal favorite animals.
No no- the zebra's...not Adam & Sammy!
We had no idea it was "Princess Day" at the zoo so what a great surprise for the girls!  They were thrilled to get to meet some of their favorites! 
Oh and look....our very own Princesses!  Aren't they just lovely! my little dumpling!
And I just love this picture!  My guys....
And once again Sammy's favorite part of the zoo...the Billie goats!

Three frogs!  Oh my....wonder if I'll get a prince if I kiss em!
And because we can't have a lazy day- Adam brought the kiddos to our friends pool after the zoo while I did a Chocolate Tasting Party.  Sammy promptly made good use of the lounge chair... for a nap!
But Simone was a fish in the pool with "Toddy" the floating dragon! 

So yes, zoo days...what fun!
I am sure with our handy dandy "zoo pass" renewed we'll be visiting a lot this summer. 


Lisa said...

ah, we adore the zoo too! Is this the Knoxville Zoo? Scott and I were there like a million years ago and thought it was wonderful! I'm sure it has changed and added a lot since then too....but I remember it being so family friendly, clean and unique!

LOVE LOVE the family pic and yes oh yes, that is a rare and lovely creature in and of itself! :) AND elusive hard to snap one in the wild! ;)

Such a beautiful family and I see that your fishy looks radiant in the pool!! AND is that more hair for your little man? What an absolute doll! I can't believe how brave he is with those big furry guys ~ we are impressed here!!

Looking forward to seeing more zoo outings!!

So glad all is well!! Hugs!

Hey, my word verification is "billy"...billy goat, maybe?? LOL

Julie and Dean said...

Great family photo. yeah I think we have like 2 of those. They ARE impossible to get.
Love Simone's smile in the pool shot.
We went to Ijams Nature center today and after about an hour FuDa asked, "Hey, where's Simone at mommy?" It's like all of a sudden he realized she was missing from the scene.