Thursday, May 27, 2010

Is Travis there? daughter has a real funny sense of humor.
Sometimes I forget this...and then she pulls a "Travis". 

See, it goes like this:
My dear hubby got an official "work phone" a few months back.Apparently the previous owner of his new phone number was a gent named Travis.  We've come to this conclusion based on the number of phone calls hubby got asking "Is Travis there"?   I guess it happened a lot because Adam came home one day saying he'd love to find this Travis fellow and give him his number back. 

Well, Simone being who she is latched on to this and found it so funny.  People calling her Daddy asking for Travis.  Ha ha...can't you see the humor?

Well quite a few months have passed since this whole Travis thing.  Adam was on his way home tonight when Simone asked if we could call him.  On account of how much she missed him.

So I dial the phone and hand it to her. 
I hear her say in this really deep voice say..."Hello, is Travis there?   Ha ha Daddy, get it...Travis"

What a goofball, and what a sense of humor.  Only she would remember something like that.
I just love my little darling....


Teresa said...

Oh my goodness! It's been so long since I've seen your blog! So much has happened that I missed!!Congratulations on little Sammy. Boys are such fun, believe me! In fact, although they look different, Sammy reminds me of my Peter when he was that age. He is a cutie pie and looks like he's full of energy and yet still loves to snuggle.

I'm so looking forward to summer too. No school, no homework, no schedules...aaah!

Can you believe our girls are going into FIRST GRADE??? AAACK!!

Lisa said...

LOL and that's just plain cute too!

Oh my friend...I have been tickled to peek back at your fun adventures and your day at the museum looks amazing! Smiling ear to ear here, but gosh I have MISSED this stuff!!

Thank heavens there were plenty O' pics for me to get my fill...and I think they both just keep getting cuter and cuter too! Beyond cute....gorgeous I say!

So happy to hear your summer has started off so grand and can't wait to read along with more!

And please tell your big girl "wonderful job" on her school year and oh yes...its odd when they leave a Kindergartner and come home a First Grader....I remember SO well....

AND your email DID reach me, I've just been outta commission! Ack!!

I will write back and loved your note!!

TheMommyhood said...

That's funny. I like a kid with a great sense of humor! I got a new cell number last week because Troy Williford - a guy who writes hot checks - keeps giving out my cell number as his contact info on those hot checks. At least Travis seems like a decent guy. After the call from the Sherrif's department, I decided to just go ahead and get a new number.

Hope to get together soon!