Monday, May 3, 2010

The camera story

Yep.  I have a camera story.  Well maybe more like a "history" than a story...

You see, I can't seem to keep a camera alive and kicking for very long.  Some of you may recall I had to purchase a new camera around a year ago since my other one just gave up on me.  And that's not my first or second...or maybe even fifth new camera since I've known Adam. 
What happens you may ask?  I am usually a careful person, I take pride in the fact that I very rarely loose my personal objects and I try to take care of them as well.  But still, my cameras seem to last just a short amount of time and are the objects I replace on a regular basis.

Let's see, our first nice camera....we probably purchased in 02 or 03 I'd guess.  Not too much photo snapping going on then. With just two doggies as subjects it lasted for a while, I mean sitting in a drawer and all except for special events. We brought that camera with us to China in March of 05.  With it we took hundreds of pictures of all sorts of amazing sites chronicling our journey to our sweet daughter, QingLu.  We made it all the way back to the airport in NY, where somebody just left it unfortunately misplaced it at the security checkpoint.  Bye bye camera #1.  At least this time the little mishap can't be attached to me, I was in charge of the kid, my traveling companion was in charge of the "stuff".
And so we had to get a new camera to replace it, especially since we now had this beautiful baby to photograph! 

On to camera # 2.  Well it lasted about 6 months.  And then I dropped it.  On the garage floor.  The concrete garage floor.  Let's just say the floor won.  My bad this time.

And now in this tale we'd be on camera #3.  I liked the last one we had so we replaced it with the same make/model.  Simple, right?  And this one was good to us and we in return tried to be good to it.  But with a curious toddler objects don't last as long as one might like.  We got probably a year and 1/2 of service out of it and then it just stopped working.  I mean... the battery compartment door was busted, the screen had scratches, when you shook it it jingled and there was at least a bucket full of sand floating around inside it, so it was time for a new one.

So we head out to purchase camera #4.  Our dear daughter is now older and we decide to upgrade just a bit-  get some more bells and whistles so to say.  Yep, not the wisest decision on our part since Simone was now a very curious and independent pre-schooler.  We used that camera hard for a while and then it just froze up on me.   In Vermont, outside in the cold taking photos of my sweet little family it just literally froze.  None of the buttons pressed down, it wouldn't turn on or off and the lens just hung out there, frozen.  I thought maybe it was because it was soooo cold, but nope...the camera had called it quits on us.  And the day before Christmas too!   Quitter....

So off we go again for camera #5.  This was about a year ago.  I was so upset to not be able to post pictures on this blog since blogging was such a great way to keep my mind off my little WeiChe residing without me halfway across the world!  So Adam, like the dear hubby he is, took me to get a new camera.  And that was the camera we've had ever since, it even came to Taiwan with us (and made it all the way home..haha).
Well over Thanksgiving we had a new baby home and a house full of gobble gobble guests.  In the mix of it all my camera somehow got hurt.  Not bad, just one day this dark line appeared across the screen.  It either got bumped or dropped or who knows what.  So over the course of the next few months the line grew and grew and eventually covered over half the screen.  You may have noticed a lot of "air" above the subjects heads in my latest photos.  It's hard to take a good pic with half a screen ~ I've been using the camera and just sort of winging it with the pictures.!  Which brings me back to where we were a few days ago.
On Friday I had my friends two girls for the afternoon and the four kids had such a fun time playing in the back yard with a sprinkler and the kiddie pool and sand toys.  So I took about a dozen or so pics of the activities.  I very excitedly loaded them onto the computer after the kids were asleep that night.  But they weren't there.  They had simply disappeared.  By now I can only see a teeny tiny corner of the screen, so I have no idea what the camera may be saying and I can't scroll through to see the photos.  I was stuck with a busted camera.

We are now on camera #6.  Adam bought me a nice new camera over the weekend along with a handy dandy carrying case to help protect this one.  And new rule...hands off my camera!  Maybe this one will last a bit longer....
I've been snapping away trying to get used to this one, so hopefully I'll have some photos to post soon.

So the moral of this story is........well okay, there really is no  moral.  I just wanted to let you all know I got a new camera!


Lisa said...

LOL :) I hope this one is your lucky one!! I think you deserve some luck and longevity with it!

AND I so feel your pain ~ our camera is acting up too ( or maybe its our computer??) and sometimes its hard to just stop and remedy each glitch!!

I think the moral is.......they need to make sturdier cameras for us Mamas! :)


TheMommyhood said...

Hey - that's great! Hope you bought the protection plan. Just kidding. See you around.

Robin said...

We have had a few camera's over here as well. I hope yo are better than me at reading the directions. I usuaaly just point and click and I KNOW the camera could do so much more! Good luck and kee the pictures coming.

Mark & Kris said...

Your 5th camera sounds like ours!! Mark bought me a nice digital camera when we started the adoption process. We have had it for 2 years, but for the past year it has had 2 black spots and a straight line connecting them on the screen. Our youngest swears she didn't drop it....BUT...she is the one who loves snapping pictures. Fortunately the spots don't show up on the photos.....YET!!!! I agree with Lisa...they need to make tougher cameras for us mamas!