Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Seven years ago.....
my life changed forever.  I went from being a Chinese tourist to being a Mama with the opening of an elevator door.   The events leading to that moment really took years to become a reality.  Years of dreams and prayers, loss and hope.  Every step and stumble so worth it. 

And now seven years later as I look back I'm truly amazed at how life has changed, and how I have changed.  Changes all stemming from that one moment, that one amazing moment.  Nearly every thought, desire and idea I've had since that day has come from the life altering shift of that moment.

Seven years ago I held my sweet QingLu for the first time in my arms.  I'd been holding her in my heart for a long time already.

Happy Forever Family Day my precious baby, my Simone QingLu!  Seven years ago you made me the happiest person in the world and every day since then I've felt all that joy you've brought.
J (Mama)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random February Fun

What can I say for myself?  I'm just now getting around to finishing up a post I began sometime in February!
Life gets busy in these parts I suppose!  We celebrated Sammy-Wei's 3rd Birthday last month, 3 of the four of us got the flu and I started a new part time job.  So yes, life was a bit busy and I got a bit behind!

But we sure did celebrate Sammy's Birthday in style....
He got quite a few really great presents.  One of his favorites is this "take apart/put together" excavator truck thing.  Hours of fun for him (and Adam!).

We had ice cream cake for his big day!  He totally enjoyed having us all sing Happy Birthday to him.
Another top gift was from a friend.  He calls it his "motorcycle" but it's really a four wheeler that thankfully goes really slow!  We ride it every day.  Really...EVERY DAY!
For his party I made a home-made construction site cake.  He loved it! 

We also had a few fun outings in February.  Sammy and I went to the aquarium with some FCC pals while Adam and Simone went to see Star Wars .  I didn't get any pictures while at the aquarium, too busy chasing one little boy...but I got a shot of the four amigos enjoying a treat!  They sure are cuties!

The dinosaurs came to our town also!  A friend and I took the kiddos to explore the exhibit.  It was really cute and the kids seemed to enjoy.

I love this look, he kept telling me that they were real dino's and then would look at me with this face....

Of course there was plenty of snuggle time for the kids too!  Sammy adores Simone and any chance he has to cuddle up he takes full advantage of!
We also seemed to discover building blocks last month.  We have been building a ton of castles and then using our trucks to move them to another area of the house.  Such great creative play for this little guy!
So the month of February was fun and busy and now as we near the end of March I realize I need to be better about posting!  Time goes by so fast and these kids of mine are growing so much, I really need to be better about keeping up with it!

So my goal for the next months is more posts, more pictures.