Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Seven years ago.....
my life changed forever.  I went from being a Chinese tourist to being a Mama with the opening of an elevator door.   The events leading to that moment really took years to become a reality.  Years of dreams and prayers, loss and hope.  Every step and stumble so worth it. 

And now seven years later as I look back I'm truly amazed at how life has changed, and how I have changed.  Changes all stemming from that one moment, that one amazing moment.  Nearly every thought, desire and idea I've had since that day has come from the life altering shift of that moment.

Seven years ago I held my sweet QingLu for the first time in my arms.  I'd been holding her in my heart for a long time already.

Happy Forever Family Day my precious baby, my Simone QingLu!  Seven years ago you made me the happiest person in the world and every day since then I've felt all that joy you've brought.
J (Mama)


Robin said...

Oh Happy Day! I love the picture of you taking Simone into your arms. :)

Julie and Dean said...

Look at little Simone!!!
The greatest day :)
It's funny how close both of our family days are!

Anonymous said...

Oh, happy family day with your beautiful girl!

And could you have guessed then how the twists and turns of this journey would lead to the family you are today? Incredible!!

All my best to you all, knowing what a time of celebration this is!


Mama to Lauren & Tyler

michelle said...

Happy Family Day! That picture says it all! What a wonderful memory and the many memories you have created for the the past 7 years. Hope it was a special day for you and Simone!