Thursday, April 26, 2012

Kids Spring Break

We usually head to Florida for Spring Break but this year we opted to try something different.   We sure did miss the FL sun, sand and beach but we're really glad we headed in another direction for a long weekend!  We made the much shorter trek to Cincinnati, OH where we wandered the city for two days and then headed to visit some old pals for a few days.  It was a fun and vibrant city, we really had a great time!

We went to the Cincinnati Museum Center at Union Terminal which was a very cool experience!  There was more than enough to keep the kids busy and more than enough to wear Adam & I out!  There was a history section, a transportation section and a full hands on kids museum.  

I took the photo below because, gulp, Simone asked me to climb in and out of this tree house contraption.  It was full of tight, dark tunnels with these crazy mesh wall climbing areas and quite frankly it was the stuff of nightmares for Mama.     I mean I had a full on panic attack as some little bugger was pushing me through this amazingly tight area that I was quite sure they were going to need the jaws of life to extract me from.  But of course it was pure delight and adventure for my darling.   As for me...I'm still shivering at the memory!
The kids spent hours having fun as they explored , played, built, ran and just having the best time! 

Our pals also have a little Sam, so we had Sammy-Wei and Sammy-K.  He was an absolute delight to hang out with and all three kids had a wonderful weekend together!  They played together so well and were so sweet together.

The adults had a wonderful time as well catching up and having some great laughs.  We had such a relaxing and fun time and I look forward to seeing them again for sure!

So sure, Spring Break, a few weeks.....well okay it was over a month ago and I am just getting around to posting!  It has been busy here and I need to be better about updating the blog.  A lot has happened since our visit to Cincinnati so my fingers shall be busy clicking and typing away!

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Looks like lots of fun!!