Saturday, April 28, 2012

The flying of kites!

Spring has hit us full blast here in East Tennessee and with spring comes the Kite Festival! 
 The day was beyond a perfect day for kite flying - and for being with great pals from the FCC!  The wind was blowing wildly and the sun was shining so brightly - our spirits were all up and the kites were as well!

We had such fun hanging out, eating, playing around...

Simone got so much joy out of  mastering the art of kite flying.  She was thrilled when she got it to stay up and flew her kite for most of the afternoon.

Sweet girl....

Sweet boy too!

Mr. O and Sammy Wei, hanging out in style.
And "The guys club" Mama's!  I am so glad Sammy is going to have these cool friends to grow up with!

We left the park feeling that good sort of tired and happy to have had a day to just fly kites and relax with good pals.  Can't wait for next spring and the flying of kites again!

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