Thursday, December 31, 2009

Where's Sammy?

Yes, it's a little game Sammy Wei has started to play called "Where's Sammy?" He cracks himself up(and me too...) Since he rips the bib off any time I put it on him I guess he figured he would put it to better use. He was laughing so hard before I got the camera out, but I think I still managed to catch a few good giggles....

So here's our game!

Happy New Year to all!!!!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Party time!

This weekend we had Adam's work holiday party. Adam works for a very family friendly company so of course we were all invited to attend. Simone had a wonderful time,running all over with the other girls and eating the fab food (okay she mostly ate the was great!) And Sammy just had a great time looking at all the people and the other kids there.

Below is my favorite little elf in front of the tree. I just loved her in this outfit!

And Sammy made a friend. He played with this sweet little girl most of the afternoon, whenever she wasn't romping with the "big girls"
This is how much fun he was having with her! I just LOVE that face!
And I got a shot of my guys in front of the tree. As I said in a previous post, Sammy is getting new upper teeth so getting that teething ring out of his mouth could have resulted in a few tears. Still a cute picture I think... And below are the big girls at play. They see each other a few times a year only, but they fall into the same play patterns and just get along so well.
And one of me with my sweet babes! This one's for my Mom!
And the girls just had to have one more of the two of them before we parted ways. Simone can't wait to hang out with her "work buddies" again.
So that was Sammy Wei's first official party and the first party Simone went to as such an independent big girl. We all had fun and are not only thankful that Adam has a great job but that he works with such great families.
I hope all of your Holidays are wonderful and filled with fun, family, lots of laughter and extra joy!
Don't forget to feed those reindeer, Santa will appreciate the extra energy that gives em!
So Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New year too!

Future Chef?

So Sammy has decided that Simone's kitchen belongs to him.
It was somthing he was very thrilled to stumble upon and it has become one of his favorite items to play with. It was in the playroom until Friday night when he insisted he play with it- but Simone and and her bestest pal "J" were in there and didn't want the little dumpling bothering them. So we moved it to the living room temporarily, which means it's part of our living area until further notice.

But hey, it keeps him busy morning...

And afternoon....

It is really funny to watch him play, he opens the doors~all of em~ and climbs on top of them and pulls out all of the food while tasting a bit of everything.

I've been joking lately that he may end up as a chef one day because he is a bit, ummmm, well, attached to my hip these days. So he's watching me make snacks, cook his and Simone's dinner and clean up. And boy does he watch very intently and take it all in. And now this....

Adam just wants to know how our living room looks like a playroom and our playroom looks even worse! I guess it's time to were all right when you said "just wait till you have two". It is a lot harder, a lot messier. But it's also twice as fun!


Thursday, December 17, 2009

Just because....

Yes...sometimes I just have to put a few "just because" pics up.
Sammy is just such a lovebug and such a sweet boy and we are having so much fun together.

BUT I gotta tell you...he is into EVERYTHING all the time! He keeps me on my toes non-stop. And he does it all with a big grin on his face...
He even learned to climb the stairs this week and can get to the top in 20 or so seconds too! Yikes!

Below he's just crawling around...probably either chasing the dogs or trying to tip that darn water bowl over yet again!

And finally I took some cutsie bath photos! It's hard to give him a bath and take pictures since he is so active, so I had to wait for Adam to be home to help! And he just loves his bath and will splash around until the water is cold. It's a fun time of night for me and Simone too-great bonding!

We call the below his "Arrrgh" face. He is getting two more upper teeth so everything goes into the mouth and gets chewed with enthusiasm!Love the chubba bubba baby!
Oooh...close up! He may have been trying to eat the camera...

Isn't he a cutie!

And below are the effects of having one too many.
Too many stair climbing expeditions, that is! He fell asleep in the middle of his after dinner prunes! And slept for a good 15 minutes just like that.
So those are my just because pictures of some moments here.
Now you know I post these for all my friends and family that email me and tell me they loved certain pictures and posts. I truly appreciate you following us and I am so glad to be able to share little pieces of our day to day with all of you, especially those I wish I were closer to and miss every day!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Sibling fun

We've been just a busy household lately with lots of holiday preparations and plenty of sibling fun!

I honestly had some moments of doubt a month and a half ago that we would reach this point with the kids, it was an adjustment for us all,. But the closeness and enjoyment of each other I hoped for is definitely here! Don't get me wrong, Simone has been a great big sis and has been a big help but it hasn't been easy for her to have this 8 month old dropped into her family-her life. It has gotten so much better, the laughter and joy they have when interacting is bliss full to me! I know there will be plenty of moments of sibling rivalry, isn't that just part of being in a family...part of life's great lessons? So for now I am so grateful to have these two children, and look forward to them having each other in their lives. They are both just such wonders and joys to me!

So below is a quick recap of our latest days of sibling fun!

This is Sammy's typical smiling face.
And we've been celebrating our holiday, Hanukkah, this week. Lucky ducks get both this and Christmas with my parents! Simone's favorite part is naturally the 8 nights of gifts. Here she's helping her brother with his gift. And naturally his favorite part were the boxes the toys came in!
Simone with a prized Princess Barb. She was quite thrilled with this of course!
And Adam's Aunt hosts our Hanukkah dinner every year, where the girls play and have fun and the grownups eat yummy food and enjoy a relaxing night. Sammy enjoyed being passed around and cuddled by all!
Sammy got a very cool truck for his gift. He was delighted and seemed to know exactly what it was and how to use it.

And now on to those good sibling vibes I've been talking about. Sammy loves hanging with Simone before she heads out to school. He cuddles with her on the couch and is just as happy as can be. I think she's pretty happy too!

And outside fun is a must when the weather is okay. Sammy has been handed down Simone's old baby swing and he's starting to enjoy it.
And Simone is the bestest pusher around...
What a face....

So here's to sibling fun and all the happiness and laughter that comes with it!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The 10 month dumpling

Yes. Really, 10 months old today!

This fact first hit me the other day at a follow up check-up at our pediatrician's office. The nurse asked Sammy Wei's age and then commented "oh wow...almost 10 months, that big boy!"
What? No not yet, he's still just 9 months old!

Oh where oh where has the last month and a half gone? I didn't get my fill of his 9 monthedness yet and here he is pushing his way towards becoming one!

And all that Sammy has accomplished and how much he has grown in the last month and a half is just amazing! Our friends said he had a weeble bottom when we first came home because he very easily flopped to the side when seated. Now he can stand unaided for 15 or so seconds before he gently sits.
He's picking up all of his finger foods now, and getting the pieces into his mouth well over half the time! And he prefers foods he can feed himself and likes to snatch the spoon whenever I feed him.
He loves his bath, I mean really really loves his bath. He hears the water running and practically dives into the tub-I have never seen a baby crawl faster then when he hears his bath (or sees his bottle!). Once in there he splashes the water and rolls all over the place, it's all very cute.
His total admiration for his big sis is so very obvious, sometimes to her delight...and then sometimes not so much. But he does all he can to get her to pay attention to him~to play with him and maybe share a snack, or a tickle or a toy. It truly warms my Mama heart to see when they interact and enjoy each other!
And i love that he's saying "mama" often, and even sometimes when looking for me! Sweet music to my ears...
I've learned that he is very, ummm, determined when he wants something and does not handle me saying "no no" well at all! We've had some head butting over dog water bowls, tv remotes and fire places over the last few days. Oh boy does he get mad at me!

And the list goes on with all that he's learned on his own, of all that we've learned about each other and how much he has really grown. The bonding and attachment has been so wonderful with him, I have enjoyed every moment of it...even the sleepless nights. I cannot imagine him in any other place but in our our hearts. I worried before that it would be hard to have more love for another child, while loving Simone so. But wow, the heart expands and bends and grows all at once and has more love to share than I could ever had imagined. And he really is so easy and enjoyable to love.

So now are some recent photos, of both my now 10 month old dumpling and of my 5 and 1/2 year old big girl.

Like the tongue sticking out? I guess that is Sammy's "new look" as it's always out lately!

This is called trhe "ho hum" look. He must have finished lunch and was showing his displeasure at that fact.

We call the above "lazy play". He just lays there and bangs the keys off himself and laughs...

Love it....Think Simone could have either finished chewing or kept her mouth closed?

And how's that for a face, huh? Gotta lover her!

And though he isn't walking yet he is standing holding on to things with one hand and can bend and pick up stuff.
So as I type with Sammy sleeping on my lap and Simone playing quietly nearby, I am just so thankful for these moments, months and times to come!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

What is this white powdery stuff?

Yes, I've said it before~the weather here in East Tenn is a bit unpredictable to say the least. Snow is not very common here, at least not in great proportions. Especially not in early December. That's what I've heard from the locals anyway.

But Adam woke us all up this morning telling us we just had to look outside.

And this is what we found....

We got about two inches when it was all done, and it was just oh so very pretty! And here it is, just after one in the afternoon and it's mostly still there, on the trees and the grass. Such a treat to look out the windows to see, all cozied up in here with a fire lit and our pj's still on. (yep...snowy days require all day pj's in this house. OK...sometimes even non-snowy days but that's a bit personal isn't it?)

Below Adam and Simone are romping around and having some snowy day fun!

Simone was making snow angels. Notice the lack of winter jacket? Yep, guess it took a snowstorm to make me remember I need to get the kiddos their winter apparel!

And here's the beautiful snow folk that the duo created...I was told the very creative names bestowed upon them were "Daddy and Simone"

And here is where poor little dumpling was required to view the's just way to cold for my little guy still! Note where Oliver is...he just can't leave "his" baby! So that was our winter wonderland fun in the hills of Tennessee. Oh, and where was I during the outdoor adventures you ask? Ummm, much as I adore the cold wet outside I opted to be the responsible indoor parent making hot cocoa and warming myself and Sammy by the fire. What? I had to stay inside warm and was only right! and warm and dry... J