Sunday, December 20, 2009

Party time!

This weekend we had Adam's work holiday party. Adam works for a very family friendly company so of course we were all invited to attend. Simone had a wonderful time,running all over with the other girls and eating the fab food (okay she mostly ate the was great!) And Sammy just had a great time looking at all the people and the other kids there.

Below is my favorite little elf in front of the tree. I just loved her in this outfit!

And Sammy made a friend. He played with this sweet little girl most of the afternoon, whenever she wasn't romping with the "big girls"
This is how much fun he was having with her! I just LOVE that face!
And I got a shot of my guys in front of the tree. As I said in a previous post, Sammy is getting new upper teeth so getting that teething ring out of his mouth could have resulted in a few tears. Still a cute picture I think... And below are the big girls at play. They see each other a few times a year only, but they fall into the same play patterns and just get along so well.
And one of me with my sweet babes! This one's for my Mom!
And the girls just had to have one more of the two of them before we parted ways. Simone can't wait to hang out with her "work buddies" again.
So that was Sammy Wei's first official party and the first party Simone went to as such an independent big girl. We all had fun and are not only thankful that Adam has a great job but that he works with such great families.
I hope all of your Holidays are wonderful and filled with fun, family, lots of laughter and extra joy!
Don't forget to feed those reindeer, Santa will appreciate the extra energy that gives em!
So Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New year too!

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Lisa said...

LOVE that reindeer food ( I remember from last year!!) :) and LOVE those radiant smiles!

Let's see...OH YES, LOVE that pretty girl in her pretty dress ~ Baby Sam needs a pint sized Santa suit too to go with those dimples & dazzling grin!

Sounds like a splendid time for you all and I KNOW how anxious you must be for your travels ahead!!

Ho! Ho! Ho!