Saturday, December 5, 2009

What is this white powdery stuff?

Yes, I've said it before~the weather here in East Tenn is a bit unpredictable to say the least. Snow is not very common here, at least not in great proportions. Especially not in early December. That's what I've heard from the locals anyway.

But Adam woke us all up this morning telling us we just had to look outside.

And this is what we found....

We got about two inches when it was all done, and it was just oh so very pretty! And here it is, just after one in the afternoon and it's mostly still there, on the trees and the grass. Such a treat to look out the windows to see, all cozied up in here with a fire lit and our pj's still on. (yep...snowy days require all day pj's in this house. OK...sometimes even non-snowy days but that's a bit personal isn't it?)

Below Adam and Simone are romping around and having some snowy day fun!

Simone was making snow angels. Notice the lack of winter jacket? Yep, guess it took a snowstorm to make me remember I need to get the kiddos their winter apparel!

And here's the beautiful snow folk that the duo created...I was told the very creative names bestowed upon them were "Daddy and Simone"

And here is where poor little dumpling was required to view the's just way to cold for my little guy still! Note where Oliver is...he just can't leave "his" baby! So that was our winter wonderland fun in the hills of Tennessee. Oh, and where was I during the outdoor adventures you ask? Ummm, much as I adore the cold wet outside I opted to be the responsible indoor parent making hot cocoa and warming myself and Sammy by the fire. What? I had to stay inside warm and was only right! and warm and dry... J


Lisa said...

*ahem* giggle....well, somehow has to be the designated cocoa maker! AND I KNOW you truly wanted it to be you outside and only sacrificed so that Adam might enjoy the splendor! Is there no end to what we Mamas will give?? :) fun is that??!!?? I think your dusting of snow rivaled our's and may even squeeked out a few more inches! Wowee!

Simone must have been deliriously happy to romp in the snow and please tell her that I am impressed with their snow folks! I'm so glad you mentioned their names, cuz I had to peek again to spot the wee little snow one! How cute is that?? She just always looks so happy & beautiful!

And then there's your little dumpling peering out with his guardian pup angel; smiling so big here and what a little doll he is!

I don't think our weather matches up too often with your's, so this is kinda neat!

AND I loved your note and comment...and I owe ya big time; I just don't want to dash off a quick note, so alas I still owe ya!

Big hugs and.....let it snow, let it snow...let it snow! :)

Robin said...

We had a very similar day here in New England. Lauren was in the same pot in our house watching the boys. I must say, the job of dresser and cocoa maker can be quite challenging. Tee hee