Monday, November 30, 2009

Playground fun

Last week Simone, Aunt Jody, J and I took Sammy to the playground for the first time. He wasn't too sure what he was supposed to do, being that he isn't walking yet and all the equipment was just so big...even on the toddler playground! But it was a beautiful fall day and we really enjoyed our time outside.

Simone was "Starfire Falcon" for her Thankgiving parade at school.

Big sis is giving Sammy Wei a push on the swing....
And he is not too sure he likes this. I didn't get a single smile, until I took him out of the swing! I guess it's not his thing...
And just a random photo...he had about 15 minutes of fun finding himself in the mirror.

So we are all doing very well and it seems we've hit our stride. We are still working on that darn nap schedule, I think he is just going to be a "cat napper" as he seems well rested and happy even with the short siestas. And I must say, having Sammy in our lives has really been an incredible gift- he is such a sweet natured and loving little guy. He is always ready for a cuddle, though often not for long because there is just too much to explore. We are seeing all these little bits of his funny personality, which I just love. And I've got to be honest here...I think both his cheeks and thighs are growing daily, he is just a roly poly thing, again...which I just love!

Simone is starting to enjoy her "big sister" role more now and has been really helping me with him lately. My favorite moments really are when all four of us are together, and I think the feeling is mutual around the table. Both kiddos seem to relish those moments and we are finally really enjoying each other in a relaxed and comfy way. Maybe it's called bonding, maybe it's called family...perhaps a bit of both. What I do know is that all is at it's meant to be and I could not be a happier person.


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Anonymous said...

Oh gosh, I'm so behind too! I think I lost about 24 hours somehwere between unpacking, holiday decorating and general blathering! LOL

This is a wonderful update and the photos are radiant! I could just eat up those baby boy cheeks and his expressions crack me up! I just love him!

The photo of your beautiful princess sure made me smile and the one of her swinging Sam melted my heart!

I'm so happy to hear that you are hitting your stride and truly its a time of incredible discovery!

I do hope the nap situation improves...that has to be kind of hard.

Thinking of you all......hugs!

Hmmm....have to post anonymously for some reason?? But its me...who else leaves such long & winding comments?? LOL