Thursday, November 19, 2009


Oh hi there!
Yes, long time no's been a bit busy in these parts! Good busy though.

We are settling into our routine and everyone is adjusting pretty well. Sammy seems like he has always been here, yet there are moments I am still awed and amazed at his tiny presence. He is just a joy and we are all very much in love with the little dumpling! Sleep is getting better, he is now sleeping in his crib and only wakes between 4 & 5 for a small bottle, then back to sleep till 7! Nap time...well that is still a whole different story. Twenty-six minute cat naps 4 times a day and that is all! I am hoping to consolidate them into one 40…50… um… a longer nap in morning and afternoon.

And having two kiddos is wonderful, tiring and challenging all at once. For example…I went to the grocery store with the two of them for the first time the other day. Funny, I had 3 different people ask if I needed assistance. Did I look that frazzled? I felt like all was going well, although it was a bit trickier than with just one walking talking 5 year old.But one of the people who asked if I need a hand was a father I knew from school. Naturally I quite smugly declined any help-I have this all under control...thank you very much!
But then after asking he decided to strike up a conversation with me. Seriously! I had it under control but let’s be honest…not by much and that little bit was fading fast…
So here I am in the parking lot with the diaper bag sliding off my right shoulder, Simone pulling my left arm, two grocery bags that appeared quite manageable in the store now weighing around 8,000 pounds slipping out of my hands and the squirmiest of worms in my arms trying like crazy to get down. Well, I had to take him up on his kindly offer and ask him to dig my car keys out of my sweatshirt pocket and walk me to the car so I could deposit said squirmy worm and two ton bags into the car before I dropped all three!

It's all good though! I cannot believe how much I am enjoying having Sammy here, and how cool it is to see Simone and him together.

So below are random photos and a cute video (yes still on my regular camera, I haven't had the chance to locate the video camera yet. It's on the same to do list as the laundry that's been in the dryer for two days...)

I hope to post more soon, I have one in the pipeline I am hoping to get done this month!
Thanks to all of you for checking in, I love to hear that you are enjoying the photos and updates. It makes me so happy to share my slice of sweet life with you all!

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Lisa said...

Of course we Mamas all know you were just being nice to that gentleman who clearly wanted to help......LOL It IS very different with 2, plus diaper bag, plus all the extra attention coming your way, plus all the newness of it! :) Very different but in the most glorious of ways!

Wonderful pictures and sweet Sammy's expressions are marvelous! Simply scrumptous cheeks and with beautiful big sis looking on, he can't help but be enchanted with all the news things to do and explore!

I think you are doing awesome with keeping up the blog, with everything! Let the laundry wait......laundry schmaundry! :) You've got piggies to tickle and cheeks to smooch!!

Happy weekend!!