Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Just a few videos

I admit...I am very behind in my posting. Getting this little guy on a nap schedule and settling in has proven harder than I had expected!

I have a post "in the que" and will finish tomorrow (I think!) But promised my Mom & Dad some videos to hold them over till they can get down here to meet Sammy Wie!

Below is just him being him in the morning. Notice the's still there and oh so cute!

And here he's crawling to the kitchen chairs, something he does 20+ times a day! Listen close and you may hear his little voice.

And a huge Happy Veterens day to all of our military folks out there! We thank you for your service to our Country. You all keep America the beautiful *and free* land that it is. Thank you



Lisa said...

O O O :) its like almost being right there! How I would love to reach right through and pat those darling cheeks and tickle that dimple! I "lika" those dimples ya know! *grin*

He's beyond precious with his sweet baby sounds, big eyes and darling face! He's looking for Mama too and when he spots you, I can tell its a mighty big love!

What a beautiful baby boy!!

Your folks will LOVE this & I bet they are beyond anxious to see him live & in person!!

P.S. Hope those routines continue to fall into place; I remember things feeling more like the "new normal" at about the 3 wk. mark, with improvements each day!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear for the video, he's just precious, can not wait to give him hugs & kisses. Our family is truly blessed.
Love you all.
Mom & Dad
P.S. See you soon, God willing.

Sarah and Dan Sullivan said...

Oh my gosh! He is sooo beautiful, both your children are actually. I am so happy for you and so happy to hear that you loved Taiwan so much. We just loved it as well. I miss it. Congratulations!!

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