Friday, November 13, 2009

And home at last

So we are home at last. What a long trip home that was, but so wonderful to land in Tennessee!

And yes, we were "those people" on all three flights home.
Oh yes, you know exactly who "those people" are...the ones with the screaming baby on the flight. Poor Sammy Wei just had a tough time with those little ears of his. Once we got up and moving he was great, but it was so sad to have him cry so!

Simone... well she was just a perfect travel companion and we are so happy and proud of what a huge help she was on both the flights and in the airports.

And now we've been home for a few days (-okay over a week, I'm just real behind-) and everyone is adjusting well. We had a few rough nights to start with but it is all working out now. I'm working on a nap schedule...he sure likes to cat nap and I'd sure like him to take two solid naps a day. So after a 40 min nap he is now on my lap as I type....maybe tomorrow he'll sleep longer!

So on to the photos...
This is the typical stance you'll find him in when you leave the room for a moment and return. See the "ya, I just pulled up on this couch" look he displays...he knows he rocks it, even in duck pj's!

And taking us back a week or so... when we got off the plane our Aunt and friends were waiting for us with balloons and big ole grins! We came home and they had decorated the house with balloons and streamers and stocked our fridge! What amazing family & friends we have! My parents sent us some flowers, how wonderful to have some fresh and beautiful flowers upon our return!
And there was a table full of goodies for both kiddos! Clothes and toys and teethers! We were just so surprised and so grateful for all of it!! They made Simone feel so very special and helped out with some clothing for our big boy!
Here's Sammy Wei meeting his Auntie Jody for the first time...

And meeting his "Auntie" Starla. He's taken quite a liking to both of them, as well as all our other family & friends here. Social little guy!

And here is how he slept the first few nights home...on the living room floor with one of us, covered in a blanket. Thankfully we've moved to crib or our bed depending on the night.
And he loves Simone's old "entertainment center" The two of them have been bonding well over the last week or so. He just adores his big sis, and she so enjoys him (well, most of the time...)!
So this is how we've been doing. I started this post on Monday, it is now Friday.... But Sammy Wei has been doing wonderful and is adjusting quite nicely. He is just a bit clingy still so I don't get much done beyond the bonding and cuddling. Think I'm complaining though? Oh no, not one little iota!

Sammy went to the pediatrician today and is in excellent health. Almost 21 pounds and 27 inches. Our ped is very pleased with his overall development. I must say here that we owe so very much of this to his wonderful foster mom and all of the obvious love and attention she gave him. What a wonderful start to his life she has given him, and us! to birthday dinner. And to all of my friends who reminded me of what a wonderful and amazing birthday gift I was given...well yes, you are so right! I have so much joy and love on this day, I could not ask for anything more!


Mark & Kris said...

Oh, Jennifer, what a wonderful post!! Sammy looks wonderful and Simone is just so sweet. I love to see her watching him. Glad he is adjusting so well. He has the best cheeks!!

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

OH Jen, I'm the culprit...guilty as charged :) I deleted my previous comment as I couldn't stand my typos, so this is attempt #2!

AND this should truly be #1,500 on the list of why I really need to do a better job of checking emails and blogs on the weekends! LOL I feel like I almost misssed this WONDERFUL post and simply poured over each joyful word and incredible photo!

And may I just say that NO ONE & I mean NO ONE wears duckies jammies like Sammy Wei!! That is pure satisfaction on that darling little face and then I looked down at those tiny duck clad feet and almost swooned....he just could NOT BE any cuter!!

I'm so glad his transition is going so smoothly and I know the sleeping issues will resolve themselves in time too. Its so exhausting and difficult when you also sprinkle in a dose of jet lag too.....thankfully it sounds like he is making gains each day and you must be getting very gifted at accomplishing things with just one hand or with a sleeping babe on your lap! :) A possible Olympic bid??

And sweet sweet Simone; her joy at seeing those gifts and her delight at watching Sammy in her old saucer is just contagious & so Big Sis perfect! What a big transition for her too and how well she is doing with it all!!

Happy happy birthday to you my friend! I'm sending big wishes and hugs & smiling as I KNOW your heart is so full of joy & celebration during this amazing time!

I do promise to write back soon and LOVED finding your note!! :)