Sunday, November 1, 2009

And here's some random photos of the last few days!!

We are having so much fun here, Taiwan is a beautiful and exciting place. The people here are so nice, the scenery is lovely and the city is always so full of life!
We are happy and sad to be heading home tomorrow. Sad to leave such a wonderful city, but so pleased to be getting home, to our life with Sammy Wei!

Our newest addition is doing wonderful and we feel beyond blessed, beyond lucky and are just so thrilled overall with becoming parents again...and to our little guy! He is a joy, truly a very sweet baby!

More to come when I have a few moments!


Anne Marie said...

You captured the trip perfectly with this set of photos. Sammy Wei's smile is just *adorable*!!! And the look on your face with your two kids is joyous and peaceful at the same time. Safe travels on your trip home :)

couey2007 said...

I hope your flight goes well. Brooke did better than we expected on the long flight home! I hope the same goes for you all.

Thanks for allowing me to follow your journey!

Michelle C, AL

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

lovin all the pics :) Especially that top one! :) Adorable :) What hotel are yall at? I would love a review, unless I missed it, I will go checkin a minute.

Anyway, have a blessed trip home :)


Lisa said...

Safe travels home my friend! LOVED LOVED all the eye candy and he's just sweet as can be! That first photo is beyond adorable! I'm still smiling like a goofball at the screen!! :)

I wonder if you are heading out for an early lunch now and then back to your room finish your packing? Flying home with both of your incredible blessings.....

We too felt the same sense of both anticipation and regret on our final day....I hope the transition home is easy and peaceful.

I'll be thinking of you all....

Christina said...

This is my first visit to your blog. You have a beautiful family! Sammy Wei is adorable and looks like quite the pleased little baby. Also, I loved your post on the "40 minutes" --- that is like me, always trying to get all kinds of things done in the shortest amount of time. Looking forward to the changes family brings! Hugs, Christina

White's Journey to Taiwan said...

Oh my!!! What beautiful pictures and the joy on your faces comes through and warms my heart all the way across the globe. What a beautiful boy Sammy Wei is!!! And, you already have a beautiful girl. Congratulations on your lovely and very blessed family!!!
Safe travels to you:-)

And, oh yes, the top one is at least an 8x10 framer! So kissable ;-)