Friday, October 30, 2009

Does the tooth fairy know the way to Taiwan?

Yes, big happenings here in Taiwan!
We were in need of the tooth fairy last night as Simone lost her first tooth yesterday!
So amazing, when we first were handed our little baby girl she had but one tooth in her mouth. Almost five years later and half way around the world from home~ but right around the corner from where we first saw her~ she lost that very same tooth! Such a big girl, she was so proud and so excited!

And in all other news...

We are doing wonderful! Sammy Wei is just a doll and is so easy and so sweet! We are just falling so in love with this little guy! We've been busy and he has been just keeping up and smiling through it all! Adam's parents joined us for a few days so we've been even busier.
We had our AIT appointment today and all went well. We should have our Visa late today and we'll be heading out on Monday. We had a bit of a scare as the AIT office will be closed Monday, the day we thought we'd pick up his Visa...also the day we leave, but the office will be closed on Monday! Our wonderful guide got the office to rush the Visa so we can still leave on Monday. Phew!

Below are some random pics of the last two days.

See below!!! He does laugh and smile....I caught this one when he didn't know I had the camera. He was bouncing on his Nonna at the zoo.

Not only is he a crawling machine, he's pulling himself up on the furniture. We are in so much trouble!

Lisa and Terry asked about the hair...maybe there were some curls in it they asked....
Actually we just have one sweaty little guy. He sweats when he eats, drinks a bottle and any other activity involving food. He is just a sweaty guy and I am constantly wiping his head. Funny, cause his Sis was exactly the same way!
So we are off again, to get some lunch!


Mark & Kris said...

I love his smile!!! What awesome pictures!! There is something about him, that reminds me of Simone. Through the eyes maybe, or expressions? I don't know, but it is really cool!! Tell Simone, congrats on losing her first tooth!! Kris

Dunns said...

He so handsome, and a beautiful smile! I'm enjoying being a mom! There are times I'm still in disbelief that I'm a mom & she is finally here. It's awesome!

Enjoy the rest of your stay! I love Taiwan!


Melissa said...

OMG! I can't believe how amazingly beautiful he is! Ella is a sweaty girl too...born in Taiwan, close in age, both sweaty??? this could be a match made in Heaven!!

Lisa said...

OM Gosh.....cute cute cute!! & Missy's right too....he's a beautiful boy with a beautiful family!!

I can tell how over the moon you all are with this precious little man and its thrilling to hear your joy radiating right through each post!

Mopping his brow for sweat? Well, we Mamas are always 'moppin' up something right?....giggle...drool, spilled juice....nothing sweeter than tending to this little man!!

Please tell Miss Simone, with the radiant smile, that Lauren welcomes her to the "gap club" and how exciting that she can say she lost her tooth in Taiwan! Wow!

Hugs to you all my friend...thinking about you everyday!!

Go squeeze those two cuties for me!!

Terry said...

What a beautiful Family of Four! Glad you were able to catch his smile-and what a handsome one! Nice job Mom! He is sooo cute!!
My son was a sweaty little one too, no curls on him but, the curls looked cute on Samuel.

Isn't loosing your first tooth, pretty special? Well Simone can say she lost hers while in Taiwan meeting her brother? What could be better than that?? I can't think of a better memory!! Way to go Simone!!!

It sounds like you are having such an amazing time in Taiwan, lots of memories and family to share it with.

Thinking of you often - sending hugs (via the monitor) to Taiwan!!

love3bug said...

He is adorable! Love the family picture at the bottom of this post. Everyone looks so happy, well baby must of seen the camera. ha ha. Congrats,

Precious Wonders and Little Monkeys said...

He just makes me want to rub his gorgeous head and belly! Ahhh, it's good to see you all together and having such fun. Simone! COngrats on the tooth! My son just lost his first last week too. How great to loose your's in Taiwan... that is an awesome story to tell. Everyone always wants to know if you remember when you lost your first teeth. Do it in style girl. =) So glad you get to come home on time (we almost had an oops too)... as much as we loved Taiwan... with adoption stuff... it's good to go home.

couey2007 said...

Looks like things are going well. What a great story Simone will have on losing her 1st tooth. I don't know if you know this, but you can leave a note for the tooth fairy asking to keep a tooth! Have a great trip.

Michelle C, AL

Robin said...

What a big week for your family. I would bet the tooth fairy will find Simone. I will be curious to find out if she leaves American money, New Taiwanese dollars or some other treat. Hmmm. Samuel is such a handsome boy. You all look so happy!!! Thanks for sharing your journey. It can get so hectic once you are with your baby and site seeing. I appreciate the posts:)