Monday, October 5, 2009

Eight weeks...

Yep, today makes eight weeks since our first ruling.

Also this week our paperwork has been logged into the Taiwan courts for over six months, with no word of a final ruling.
And this week our little boy will turn eight months.

Not much more to say.


Mark & Kris said...

I'm praying this will be your week, Jennifer!!! Here is a yell from Ohio to that judge, AAAGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!

Kerry said...

So hoping that you receive word this week. What a long difficult wait for final word you have had.

We are thinking about you and hoping it helps speed it along.

Kerry M
Mom to Grace, Maddie, and waiting program iii boy

Michelle said...

I'm so totally STINKS.

Hugs...and prayers that THIS is the week you hear good news.

Robin said...

How long is this going to take! ( borrowed from madagascar:) I am truly sorry that yor final is taking sooo long. This is one one of the hardest parts of all the waiting. I check in every day hoping that day is the day. I am wishing him home ASAP or you Jennifer.

Beth said...

I feel your pain!! Wednesday will be 8 weeks for us waiting to hear of a First Ruling.

Here's hoping we both get some good news this week!!

Lisa said...

Hugs, love & support coming from my way!! 8 weeks is ridiculous.....its beyond time!!

HOPING this is YOUR week my friend!

Terry said...

If I could send you a hug, I would!! Does hugging the monitor count? Looks pretty silly! :-)

Thinking of you, hoping you hear some good news!! SOON !!!

a Tonggu Momma said...

I hope and pray you receive word soon!