Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting to know you

We've spent the last two days just getting to know our little Wei-Che.

What we do know is that he is right where he belongs.
He is a fun little guy with a sweet smile, and he loves to be cuddled, tickled and is easily amused. He has a raspy little voice~we've nicknamed him DD, as in Donald Duck, because that is exactly what his little voice sounds like. And he is vocal...he can cry like I've never heard, but he states his joy with just as much exuberance! He is a flirt in public, charming any body who looks his way and he has a smile that makes his whole nose wrinkle up. And he loves his food, be it bottle, Mum Mum or baby food. He loves it all....

He is getting to know us too. He's taken quite a liking to Adam and totally looks to him for comfort and favors him above me, although he readily goes to both of us...most of the time. He watches Simone very closely and her goofy antics have been keeping him amused.
He slept a good part of the day yesterday so we kept it low key, just hanging out around the hotel and hitting a local market. He had a rough night last night, he was definitely grieving and had moments of very sad tears. He did let us hold him through each of the bouts of tears, so at least he wanted us to comfort him. He slept with his foster mom, so of course he is in bed with us here. Picture the four of us crammed into one bed....Yep, it's close quarters but nobody here is complaining!
And today? He's been wonderful and seems very okay with us. We walked up to S.Y.S. Memorial Hall and saw a dance and the changing of the guard, very exciting and neat to watch!

And Simone?
She is a great big sis. She is a wonderful helper and seems to really love her brother. She proudly shows him off to any person who will look and really has been a help to us! My big girl, I am so proud of her!

Our little guy loves to smile and giggle, but the moment the camera comes out he gets the most serious of looks....stinker! I swear he giggles all the time! Daddy too!

Isn't he handsome!

And big sis...pushing the stroller around the balcony. She loves to help!

He is such a cuddle bug!

And is very interested in everything going on around him. He probably had a smile on until he noticed the camera...seriously!

And the changing of the guard. Very cool, Simone really enjoyed watching this.

So we have 5 more days here and plenty more to do. And plenty more to learn about our little dumpling.
Until I post again...Zai jian


Mark & Kris said...

Jennifer, I love all the photos. That is too funny he won't smile for the camera! He is probably curious about it. You all look wonderful and I am so glad Samuel is doing great!! Kris

Lisa said...

Oh gosh, I was glued, absolutely GLUED to your thoughts and reflections so far about this amazing little guy & then there were pictures TOO!! Oh joy!!

With each picture, Tyler ( on my hip) hopped up and down and I thought, "oh, this one is my favorite" but of course I said that with each and every one!! :) Hopeless I am, but these photos and shared family moments are WONDERFUL and such treasures!

I'm so sorry to hear about the tears at night, but happy to know he is letting your comfort him; I know its heartbreaking to witness, especially when you are worn out from travel & want them to be nothing but happy. I hope each night gets better and am so thankful his days are sunshine and giggles!

Of course he's a happy smiling baby boy...with all the love, attentions and happiness surrounding him...and then all the yummy snacks....LOL...a baby boy right after our guy's heart! ;) .....I agree with Kris that he probably is more intrigued with the camera and trying to figure it all out!

OH, you have 2 beautiful beautiful kiddos.....I knew miss Simone would be perfect as a big Sis and I remember well Lauren taking Tyler on stroller rides too early on! I LOVE it!

Hugs to you all...thanks for keeping us updated and relish each and every day!! I know you are!!

P.S. The photo with Sam & Adam looking at one antoher takes my breath away(is that baby's hair curling a bit?) wow.... and YOU my friend look like you are 20 years old if a day! Gorgeous!

Robin said...

Awww- I love the great pictures. Simone looks like a natural helping her little brother. I LOVE the shot of your "boys" together. Such an amazing time. Hope that your nights get easier. Thinking of you all.

Terry said...

Awww, and Awww! I just love all your pictures, I kept looking at them! I can't decide on a favorite, they all are great. Dad's picture with Samuel is so full of happiness. And your snuggle picture, well, so much love there, your smile says it all. Is Lisa right? Is that a few curls there?? He is adorable and I bet Simone keeps hims smiling alot! She looks like she was enjoying her stroll on the balcony. I'm sorry to hear that he was upset last night, but Mama, made things better for him, and he knows all the love you have to share. What an amazing time you are having as the Family of Four!!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and adventures!