Monday, October 12, 2009


Nine weeks have now gone by since our first ruling.

Our coordinator told us the record is 3 months...I don't know if I can possibly make it that long.

I know it's only been 9 weeks, but really its been 7 months since we got our referral and we had so hoped that we'd be with our little Wei-Che months ago. I hear myself saying "it's just not fair", a phrase I never use because I really believe there is no "fair".
But this...ya, it's just not fair.

The hope is diminishing quickly, the dreams of my sweet baby too painful to conjure anymore. The end of each day just so frustrating, because now we have another night and day to wait and hope and pray.

So this little paper work glitch- we are told that TWCA is checking on it and that the final needed to be "re-typed". So we don't know if that means it has been re-typed already or if it will be re-typed in the coming days or weeks, and either way what the time frame after the re-typing is. We were told "soon" which is a word we've been told for many weeks now.

So then, soon...


Lisa said...

(((((hugs)))) of the mega kind of variety. I feel so helpless and wish I could think of just the right thing to say to ease your understandable anguish & frustration with this hideous wait.

We have been ALL day and I only just snuck over to the computer HOPING to see your good news and share in the celebration. I'm at a loss, but even with that said, I DO KNOW it will come and when it does I KNOW you are ready to fly out immediately and be with your precious boy.....a long awaited union and long overdue.

Please know you are in our thoughts....Scott is asking too and Lauren asks each day if Simone's baby is home yet. :)

You have every right to feel that these delays have been unjust and unfair.

Ok then....until tomorrow my friend....


Nicole said...

Oh annoying...well, hopefully it's a small glitch and it'll be fixed asap!
Wei-che is adorable!!! Here's hoping for some quick results and travel arrangements soon! :)

Terry said...

I check every day from the North waiting for the news from the East, that should be headed to the West for the South! I think the compass is broken! I wish and pray and hope and even beg for some news for your Samuel. I totally agree with you, ya, it's just not fair!! I give you so much credit, your strength is amazing.

I will have to find my monitor hug picture to send your way. Maybe it will put a smile on your face, even if it's for a minute. Please hang in there, news WILL come and Samuel will be home. The best set of loving mama arms, waiting to kiss his sweet face!

Michelle said...

You're wait has been torture...ugh. Hugs...I'm thinking of you and hope you here TODAY on that final!

Robin said...

Sigh...I feel for you. I hope that the paperwork snafu is taken care of and that you get your final 1st thing tomorrow morning. Hang in there...:)