Friday, October 9, 2009

Parent/Teacher Conference

Yes, I haven't been up to posting much lately, but I just have to share the tidbits of my 1st parent/teacher conference.
I am amazed at the fact that I am old enough to be the "parent" in such an event, and I'm amazed I have a child old enough to require me to attend said event!

But I do, and I sure am glad!
I learned some new and interesting insights about my daughter. Things that maybe I see but just don't take special notice of. These are things that had been fostered and nurtured by her Pre-K teacher and are now qualities that are helping Simone in her first year of "Big girl school".

What I learned is that my daughter is a leader in the classroom. She loves to help her teacher and the other children and has been dubbed the "room mommy" by her teacher. (I still call it "bossy" but hey...she probably gets it from me anyway!)

I learned that she loves to clean up and straiten up the centers and will help others if she has finished in her area. (Oh really...wish we could see a bit more of that at home!)

I learned that she is very social and very inquisitive. She is friends with all the children in her class and is polite to all the adults she comes in contact with and loves to question the who, where and whys of things. (ya, that may get old...but wow, she puts herself out there!)

I learned that she truly enjoys learning and takes pride in each accomplishment.
And that she has a natural ability to learn and is excelling in her work in reading, writing and math concepts.
Her teacher said from the first day to now she has made huge strides, and that first day she tested on or above average with everything!

I also learned that we need to work on her handwriting, because she gets frustrated when it "doesn't look right". I want her to succeed so we will be doing some extra work in that area. I'm not sure if being a lefty plays into it, or if it's just a skill she needs to practice on more. Either way, I know we'll get there.

And I learned that without any one pushing or asking her to do so, she has decided to be the helper of a child that sometimes needs a little extra help. He is not very vocal and has some difficulties in other areas, and Simone helps to make sure he gets what he needs in class. She guides him to make the right choices with crayon colors, opening his lunch, playing on the playground. She also talks to him quite a bit even though he rarely responds. I asked if this interferes with her playing with the other children and was told "no, she finds a way to do it all". That was so interesting to hear, that she possesses that quality to nurture.

So my big girl has made her Mama so very proud, in so many ways. Starting school was a bit rough for her- she's not big on change and new situations- but she has just blossomed at her big school. I cannot wait to see what the coming year brings!

And on Sammy Wei news...well nothing new.
We did get word that there was a mistake done in Taiwan on our final paperwork and it had to be re-done but that we should hear soon. I'm ready. Really ready.
Happy 8 months my little boy!


Dina said...

Sounds like Simone is just as smart as her Mama... Congratulations on your 1st parent teacher conference... So many more to come.

Robin said...

That was one great parent teacher conference! Congratulations Miss Simone on being such an outstanding young lady!!! Does the mitake mean 10 more days or just a retyping?hmmm. I hope you get your final soon(Monday?)

Terry said...

Congrats on your first Parent Teacher Conference! Great Job Simone! And a special big "Nice Job to Mom and Dad". All the manners and things you have taught her are being noticed by others. (sometimes you wonder if they are listening- surprise they are!)It makes us feel so proud and How proud you must be!! :-)

Bummer about the paperwork-lets hope its just a retype thing like Robin said and then they will move it along. Crossing my fingers!

Hugging the monitor again to send your way!! :-)

Lisa said...

Wha?? Wha?? Oh NO! Where did this mistake come from and why is it only being addressed shared this news with such grace, but I'm gonna go ahead and be a little grumpy about it for you! :) Please let this be the last item and please oh please let that Final be already on its way!

BUT I can't stay grumpy for too long :) see what a softie I am?? Cuz of that amazing P/T conference! You just must have been glowing and beaming from ear to ear and rightly so! What an outstanding young lady!!

Always its interesting to see your child through another set of eyes and experiences & its obvious that Simone's teacher understands well that she is a remarkable, intuitive & kind child; certainly that is reflective of the tremendous parenting she has received too!!

Wish I could give you both a great big squeeze, but I'll settle for asking you to please tell your sweet miss that we are proud of her and so happy that her school year is going so splendidly!!

Enjoy the rest of this long weekend!! Let's get ready to celebrate then in the days to come!!!!