Saturday, October 24, 2009

In Taiwan

Yes after many many hours of traveling to get here we can finally say We Made It to Taiwan!!!

We left bright and early (Okay maybe not "bright" - it was really quite dark...) on Thursday morning and landed on Taiwanese soil this morning (Saturday).

Below is our last "family" photo short of our little guy. Poor Emma & Ollie are not happy about us not bringing them! Thank goodness for our wonderful dog sitter!

We had a long (can you say 12 hour!) layover in Newark so we decided to take the train into NY City. We had high hopes of doing some sightseeing. Simone was ready to go....

We had a fun time seeing some sights and stopped for a great slice o'pie on some random corner. Mmmm Mmmmm!
And we headed back to the airport for some zzzzz's. It really was a long journey to get here and Simone was such a trooper. We all did our best to make this a fun adventure, but I am really proud of how well she handled the seemingly endless hours of travel!
And we decided to be adventurous with our morning flight meal. We had the choice of pancakes or the meal I opted for below. We all shared and it was quite yummy! It was conji (sp?) and a roll with a bean curd side item. Oh and the tuna floss...yes, it came with tuna floss. And went back with it...I wanted adventure but at 3 AM couldn't get past the tuna floss...

And we finally arrived at the Taipei Airport where we met our guide and came to our lovely hotel room.

We have unpacked and wandered the streets already, and then we all decided to "rest our eyes" for just a minute. My travel mates are still snoozing...three hours later! I'm sure we'll be heading out for some dumplings and noodles once they wake up!

Tomorrow we are heading out to a temple and whatever else we feel like, and Samuel Wei-Che day is Monday. I am so excited and yet so very nervous! This is so huge, meeting our newest family member. My stomach is in knots and I just can't wait to see and hold him!
We'll post more tomorrow on our Sunday adventures!
And then a restless night will await us before we head out to baby #2!


Robin said...

Yeah- You are there! It is a looong flight. I can't beleive you were able to site see in NYC as part of your travels. That is great! I kind of liked the Congi on th plane to. We actually fed Lauren congi every morning of the breakfast buffet. She LOVED it. I am so excited that you are so close to holding Samuel. I am excited to see if Lauren and Sam were roommates too. Enjoy your day and the sites. Sending you big hugs and happy thoughts from New England.

Anne Marie said...

Yay, Jennifer!!! I am so far behind and just getting caught up, but I am sooo excited for you! It sounds like Simone was a real trooper for what is a difficult trip even for adults :) So, it's the middle of Saturday night there and will be Sunday morning when you see this! One more day to go!

Mark & Kris said...

Yeah Jennifer!! So glad you are there!!Figure you are just waking up to your Sunday as I write one more day until Samuel!! Simone is a real trooper! Kris

Lisa said...

Oh Jen,

I know I just babbled a ton on the email, but so happy I checked and so thrilled to see this wonderful update!

You are there and I just couldn't be more excited!! Tomorrow is just a moment away and your beautiful boy will be in your arms!!

It looks like you guys had wonderful travels and Simone looks beautiful, just as always! What an adventure for you all and especially your best girl! Something she will always remember and hold dear I am certain!

LOL I would have returned that dreaded tuna floss too......ick, ick ick...but proud of you for trying to unique meal!! :)

Okay....tomorrow is THE day!!.....and enjoy today too; I'll be thinking of ya all as you take in the sites!!