Sunday, October 25, 2009

First days in Taiwan & 2 hours till we leave!!

Here's a recap of our first two days in Taiwan.

Let's just start by saying either we got us some jet lag or the 32 hours of traveling kicked our patooties. We haven't been on our normal sightseeing whirlwind. Poor Simone has been waking up around midnight-unable to fall back to sleep each night and is just worn out during the day. I am hoping we get on track today!
But what we've seen so far has been great. We have enjoyed our first two days here a lot and just love the people and feel of Taipei!

Below is the airport welcome sign...
Our first day here it rained a bit...more like a drizzle. So we explored our neighborhood and got some supplies at 7/11. We found a fountain and park near our hotel.

Ya, I just let them be....crazy kids.

Here's the view of our hotel.

And the Taipei 101 at night. This is the view from an angle on our balcony. What an amazing building.

And yesterday we got on the MRT and went to Longshan Temple and the nearby market. It was very pretty, and interesting because all of these newer buildings were constructed litteraly around it! There were tons of people there and a woman gave Simone some cookies to give as an offering. It was a very beautiful temple.
Simone & Mama!
And Simone and her bestest Dad!

And a random street photo. It is soo busy here, so many cars, taxis, buses and many scooters!
We went to "New York, New York" last night to get something to eat. What a bustling place that was! It's right around the corner of our hotel and at the base almost of the Taipei 101. Of course I forgot my camera...I was too excited about the prospect of our tasty food! But it was so cool, all the young people, older folks too and families and dogs! We will definitly be going back this week!
Okay, when I started this post we had TWO HOURS until we leave to get Samuel Wei-Che....Now we have an hour and half!!! about some major butterflies! I am so excited and nervous, I just can't wait to see and hold my sweet little guy, and I know Adam and Simone feel the same! We are all going on very little sleep since we have all been just soo anxious to go and get him! How will life change for us in the next few hours? I know it will be so wonderful and I am just counting down the seconds till we get that first live glimps of Sammy Wei!
Till then my family and friends...till then


Robin said...

So excited for you!!!! Hope you have a great first meeting. I can't wait to see Sam in your arms.

Lisa said...

Oh Jen,

You may be double checking your day bag to GO as I type this or already in the lobby awaiting your guide!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Your first 2 days sound guys look amazing and I don't see any signs on jet lag on those radiant faces!! :)

Don't worry....adreneline and pure joy will keep you going long after a normal day will allow and this is NOT a typical day :) extraordinairy for certain!!

Thinking of you and sending HUGE wishes and hugs!! Thanks for doing such an amazing job of keeping us all connected while you are in Taiwan!

The next post will include your beautiful boy........yipee!

Tracey said...

I have goosebumps reading your posts! I am so excited for your family & pray that everything goes smoothly! You are more than likely already holding your precious little boy!!! Congrats & can't wait to see the first family of 4 pic!

Tracey Turley & family