Sunday, November 8, 2009

Recap of our last days in Taiwan

Oh yes, bloggy world...I am a bit behind in my postings these days. Between 30 odd hours of travel and the subsequent jet lag, plus getting Sammy Wei used to his new digs, new dogs and all the fantastic new visitors...well I've been a wee bit busy! A good busy though...

So here's a recap of our last days in Taiwan. We had a great last few days and getting to know our son was made even more special against the backdrop of his home land.

So here I left the room for .2 seconds and the little fellow was standing up on the couch with this look of absolute satisfaction on his darling little mug!

And we went to the Flower/Jade/Handicraft market on Sunday (Wow...a week ago!) What an amazing place- so fun and with so many beautiful treasures. We wanted to take so many of the stunning plants home, not to mention the jewelery! The market is located in a parking lot underneath the freeway overpass. It was in the same parking lot we used for our AIT appointment!

And the kiddos are bonding well. The plane ride home was a really cool point of big sis - little bro bonding, but it really all started in the hotel. Oh, notice he puts EVERYTHING in his mouth...four little teeth have popped though since we first met him!

On Monday, the day we left, we headed over to the Taipei 101 and took the big elevator to the top. What a cool thing that was, and the views where stunning even on a cloudy day!
And somebody discovered the magic of his own toes up there! Too cute!

Little guy can cat nap anywhere, anytime! It has proven quite hard to get him on a nap schedule, though I'll keep trying!
I said before that we felt both sad and happy to be leaving Taiwan and that feeling only grew as the time approached to leave.

Taiwan was such a wonderful experience for us all, not only because of the precious gift that it bestowed us, but because of the whole landscape of the Country! And by landscape I mean all of it, not just what you see visually. Although that in itself amazed me continuously.

But the textures of the'd have a stone street next to a brick sidewalk leading to marble wall. Beyond that marble wall would be lush green trees held up by painted black poles set against a bamboo fence. A metal and glass building with a craggy mountain range in the far back was beyond the fence, just adding more depth and texture. I couldn't even capture the visions we'd see on film and have a hard time writing them here...there was just too much.
But beautiful is the word I use to describe all of it. Each street held a new and wonderful assault to the senses...the smells of all of the food vendors, the elegant and trendy clothing the Taiwanese people wore, the sight of the sun peeking past a glass building and glinting on a water fountain, oh...all the noises of horns and buses and scooters and people talking~ all of this blended together, and not a chaotic fashion but in one that just breathed with you.

And the kind, so helpful, so respectful of each other and just so beautiful. Our experiences there were made even more enriched by the amazing people that we met and spoke with as we explored Taipei and Taiwan. I almost feel a bit of guilt for taking Sammy Wei away from all of that culture and beauty. But I know for certain it is a land we will journey back to with both he and Simone, maybe more than once.

So as soon as I get another free moment I'll keep my postings up and tell you all about the trip home and how we've done since we've gotten back...

Thank you all for traveling this amazing and life changing journey with us!
For those that have gone before me, I thank you especially for all that I learned from you and your own journey. For those of you on the path we just took...Oh the amazing things you will see and do! I look forward to experiencing them all again through your eyes!


Lisa said...

O goodness....

So poignant my've got me missing Taiwan all over again and you could not have captured the gracious people, stunning landscape and "feel" of Taiwan any better! This post should be required reading for all those venturing along this truly is indescribable.....the mixing of the culture & the tremendous blessing and gift of an incredible child. Words fail....and that doesn't happen to a chatterbox like me often! :)

We are finally home again.....I need to slog through tons of emails and even more blogs, but had to stop by here first! The rest may have to wait until tonight or tomorrow!

Little man is tugging at my leg, but before I fly I need to say again how thrilled I am for you all and how beautiful your family is!! LOVE that smug and proud look on Sammy's darling face!

Big hugs!

Lisa said...

P.S. Forgot to add that I'm thinking of you all, knowing what magical, exhausting & crazy days/weeks it can be when first home!!

Be good to yourselves and take loads of pics....the camera AND mental types! Hugs!