Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The 10 month dumpling

Yes. Really, 10 months old today!

This fact first hit me the other day at a follow up check-up at our pediatrician's office. The nurse asked Sammy Wei's age and then commented "oh wow...almost 10 months, that big boy!"
What? No not yet, he's still just 9 months old!

Oh where oh where has the last month and a half gone? I didn't get my fill of his 9 monthedness yet and here he is pushing his way towards becoming one!

And all that Sammy has accomplished and how much he has grown in the last month and a half is just amazing! Our friends said he had a weeble bottom when we first came home because he very easily flopped to the side when seated. Now he can stand unaided for 15 or so seconds before he gently sits.
He's picking up all of his finger foods now, and getting the pieces into his mouth well over half the time! And he prefers foods he can feed himself and likes to snatch the spoon whenever I feed him.
He loves his bath, I mean really really loves his bath. He hears the water running and practically dives into the tub-I have never seen a baby crawl faster then when he hears his bath (or sees his bottle!). Once in there he splashes the water and rolls all over the place, it's all very cute.
His total admiration for his big sis is so very obvious, sometimes to her delight...and then sometimes not so much. But he does all he can to get her to pay attention to him~to play with him and maybe share a snack, or a tickle or a toy. It truly warms my Mama heart to see when they interact and enjoy each other!
And i love that he's saying "mama" often, and even sometimes when looking for me! Sweet music to my ears...
I've learned that he is very, ummm, determined when he wants something and does not handle me saying "no no" well at all! We've had some head butting over dog water bowls, tv remotes and fire places over the last few days. Oh boy does he get mad at me!

And the list goes on with all that he's learned on his own, of all that we've learned about each other and how much he has really grown. The bonding and attachment has been so wonderful with him, I have enjoyed every moment of it...even the sleepless nights. I cannot imagine him in any other place but in our our hearts. I worried before that it would be hard to have more love for another child, while loving Simone so. But wow, the heart expands and bends and grows all at once and has more love to share than I could ever had imagined. And he really is so easy and enjoyable to love.

So now are some recent photos, of both my now 10 month old dumpling and of my 5 and 1/2 year old big girl.

Like the tongue sticking out? I guess that is Sammy's "new look" as it's always out lately!

This is called trhe "ho hum" look. He must have finished lunch and was showing his displeasure at that fact.

We call the above "lazy play". He just lays there and bangs the keys off himself and laughs...

Love it....Think Simone could have either finished chewing or kept her mouth closed?

And how's that for a face, huh? Gotta lover her!

And though he isn't walking yet he is standing holding on to things with one hand and can bend and pick up stuff.
So as I type with Sammy sleeping on my lap and Simone playing quietly nearby, I am just so thankful for these moments, months and times to come!

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Lisa said...

Oh, I had forgotten for just a moment that our boys share that special 9th date! Oh joy! AND I think they share a few other attributes too! :) All the best and spicey ones!

Happy 10 mos. to your darling boy! Reading your thoughts & of the tender/sweet moments you are all sharing warms my heart so much! He is changing so much and doing so many things ~ and yes, drat, it IS so exciting and bittersweet at the same time!

The pictures are glorious...their joy of one another is obvious! They are both as cute as can be...and then some!

Look at him standing! Wow! And those cheeks.....our's have diminished a bit with walking/running so I can live vicariously through your pics! :)


P.S. SOOOOOo true about loving 2 and heart expanding to envelope 2 miracles! How sweet it is!