Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Summer days...

Summer may not have "officially" started on the calendar, but since school is out...well summer days are here for us!   And what do we have planned?  Oh all sorts of good things are in store!  We have that splash pad close by, the zoo, the lake as well as some mini and longer vacations planned.

We already spent one of our days at the Children's Museum which both the kids just loved! 

Here we are entering.  Simone likes to push "her Wei-Che" in the stroller.  He only stays put in there for a few minutes anyway and then our little Houdini makes his escape.
One of Simone's favorite rooms is The Spy Room.   It houses lots of items from when Oak Ridge was considered "The Secret City"

And there is a big gym, perfect for running around together!

And of course the Doll House room!  

Ding dong....anybody home?
Why yes, come on in, sir!
I'll make us some grub while you...umm, well while you "re-arrange" the cabinets....
Perfect size for my sweet girl!
Now where did Sammy go?  Oh he's outside playing with his own stroller.....so much more interesting in this new setting!
And the Old Schoolhouse Room.  Sammy went right for the piano and played away!
And Simone was the perfect student!
As well as a fantastic astronaut!
While Sammy climbed to the top of the castle to rescue his fair maiden!
What a fun time, I am sure we'll be visiting the Museum plenty this summer!

And the next day we went to an event at the Worlds Fair Park.  It was so busy I didn't get any photos but this one of Sammy in a sailboat.  Too cute!
And both my dumplings plum tuckered!  It was a very quiet drive home....

So we've been staying busy so far each day and I must say the kids (and myself) have been sleeping well each night!  I am really looking forward to many more fun & busy summer days...


Melissa said...

Ahh! The pic at the piano is ADORABLE!

Tami and Bobby Sisemore Family said...

loved all the pics but especially the last one in the car :)