Thursday, June 3, 2010

So far

We've been keeping ourselves very busy so far this summer.  Having both kiddos home has been so much busier and action packed than I ever expected or imagined possible!  Lot's of fun times, but so busy I barely have a chance to snap off many photos!  And for some reason Sammy is easier to capture than Simone or maybe it's just that he gets into more stuff !  

So lets take a look at what we've been far.

Sammy loves his sister's scooter and drags it all over the house and then climbs up on it and laughs!  He has no idea it's Strawberry Shortcake, he just knows it has wheels!  And he can climb on it and look like such a big boy!
And since his big sis loves popsicles it's only fair he gets one too!  He just loves them as well -and I can get him to do just about anything with the promise of a popsicle....
But there's a bad side to this too.  You see, I can't open the freezer without him running in yelling "poppppp" in his grumbly little voice.  He's become quite a fan of the frozen juices...(Grammie better stock the freezer for July!)
And Sammy's been working in his garden any chance he gets.  He's hoping for some big tomatoes this year!  He's been looking after Simone's pumkin and cucumber plants as well. 
And I love this...Sammy Wei discovered how fun it is to hide in the curtains.  He laughs and hoots and then charges out with a huge smile!   And then does it again....
And today we spent a few hours at our favorite park!  There's swimming, sand fun and a playground...what could be better?

Simone went right into the lake, and there she stayed for about 3 hours!  I'm thinking a good night sleep is in store for her!
Sammy was a bit unsure of this whole sand/water thing going on and opted to stay in the wagon for a bit.
But his big sis promised it would be okay so he ventured in a bit.  He loves the water, be it pool, sprinkler, bucket or sink...but he needed to warm up I guess.  Once he got used to it he had a blast! 

And  ~  my little fish is still in the water....
  For the record....she does not need those floaties but is not sure of this yet herself.  She was all over the swim area though- way far out even just having a blast swimming and floating around!

Once the mermaid emerged from the deep we went to the playground. 
Oh yes, the girl brought her purse and some snacks with her. 

And Sammy in his favorite place....on the swing.  Notice where he's looking though...he's watching Simone on the equipment, making sure she's okay I guess.

So, I guess I'd have to say so far we've been having a lot of fun!  Can't wait to wake up tomorrow and see what adventure we'll have!


Lisa said...

Grinning like a happy fool here!!


OH MY many things to love about these photos ( and your brilliant captions too I might add)...but can I just say this??

That diapered wee gardener is BEYOND adorable and I just LUV a smart chica who stocks a well organized and proactive purse!! AND ya know, I think floaties don't hurt one bit!! :)

OH and that wagon shot.....priceless!!!!!!

Jen...can you stand the absolute cuteness of them?? I just marvel at 'em both and your days must be (well, yes exhuasting) but OH SO joyful too!!

Can't wait to see what's in store next for your happy crew!!

Mark & Kris said...

What cuties!!! Looks like you are having a great summer! It is amazing how much "stuff" these wee little boyscan get into!!! And when you catch them.....all smiles!!

Tonya said...

Too cute! I LOVE the picture of him in the garden! How adorable--and it really seems like he adores his big sister! Too sweet!

Take care,