Sunday, September 26, 2010

Harvest Moon Celebration

What a special treat we had this Friday when we got to celebrate the Harvest Moon with our wonderful FCC family (that's Families with Children from China) at a local park.  We had a great turn out with so many families and wonderful kids!  What a great group of people we have here, and what beautiful girls and boys.

As you can see took no time at all for the kids to start playing hard together. Simone (in green) had such fun playing some sort of badminton/baseball game they made up!
And then our bestest pal FuDa and his adorable brother showed up. The chase began....
And Sammy Wei practiced his yoga moves in the sand courts.  This would be "downward facing sandy dog".  Oh yes folks...he was covered from head to toe!
But he had so much fun doing it!

And the two buddies stopped for a rest and a little story time.  Ummm, I think it may be true love...wonder how poor FuDa feels about it!
And Daddy and Sam-Bam.  He was a handful as usual at the park but he had such a wonderful time and truly slept like a log that night.      That would be Sammy- not Daddy this time!
Story time while waiting for the craft lanterns.  Sammy and SP were in on the big kid fun, as well as one of Sammy's "helpers".  Sweet girl played with him for most of the night and he just adored the attention!

Look at the cool lanterns we had this year!  The kids loved them and it was great to be able to keep track of them as it grew dark!
And the FCC provided some "Family Lanterns" as well!   Ms. Connie (the language teacher) said this reminded her of Taiwan and let me tell you -this was awesome.  They were paper lanterns (100% biodegradable) that we lit.  They then blew up like hot air balloons and took off into the night sky.  Watching all of these lanterns reflectiing on the lake and hearing all of the whoops of delight, by child and adult alike...well it was close to magical! 
The pictures really don't do the scene justice...I mean it was beautiful!
Off they go....
Teamwork was required and Adam had a helper as I was snapping photos and hanging on to Sammy!  It was great though, everyone just helped out everyone else and we all shared in the benefit together.

And our glorious moon... ahh! 
Need I say more.

And there you have a recap of one great evening celebrating a holiday I wouldn't have had the pleasure to share if not for my sweet kiddos. 


Lisa said...

The family lanterns were stunning ~ what a brilliant idea and what a festive and perfect celebration!! Such a great locale for it too!!

Love that "Sandy dog" is one talented and 'darlin' little man!! :)

But Miss Simone and her crush stole the show this absolutely adorable are they?? She's such a beauty and FuDa is a cutie looks like they were hardly apart the whole night!! AND oh yeah, he's one lucky young man!! :)


Elizabeth Blankenship said...

Your pictures are awesome!!! I am so stealing them for the slide show!
Love that downward dog!

michelle said...

Loved those gorgeous lanterns. It seems like a good time was had by all!