Thursday, September 9, 2010

So about that "running" thing

Okay hold it, before you make a hasty judgement...
I am officially up to two miles and have been on schedule and keeping up with it for the last two weeks!

So to recap how it's gone down.
I started in the neighborhood next to us.  To get there I take a quick jaunt down my street, run a few feet down a busy road to the next street (no sidewalks here folks...just the road with a hill abutting it) and a stealthy cut through an empty lot and I am in a nice quiet subdivision. 
Yup, great.  

Except for this is one of the hilliest places I've ever run.  I mean total hills and bends and after the first day I didn't think I was going to be able to do it again.  Ever.
Let's just say I am sure not as young as I was when I used to do this. Four years is a long time to be out of shape and this has been so much more painful than I anticipated. Between the hills here, my lack of formal exercise and my slight advance in age....well this has kicked my patooty!

That first day I got an estimated mile under my belt. Out of breath with legs literally shaking I staggered into the house thinking I'm just not up to this challenge! Yet at the same time I felt great!

So I tried again a few days later.
With the same results.

Legs squishy, shaky and so very sore already from the previous run, I am sweaty and panting by the time I am done. And I am rethinking this "get into better shape" thing. 
And then I figured it out - how hard is it to jump in the car and drive to one of the many parks with a track on it near our house.  I mean it's just dogs, no stroller and no child in need of goldfish, 8 toys and a sippy cup to keep him just slightly somewhat occupied.  Just me.  
So less than a mile later via car I have found my jogging oasis!

Flash forward to my next jog...
I get on the track and go.  It is still painful but I can do two miles without actually dying.  And this being able to actually do it, well this is a good thing in case you were wondering. 

Oh the time I am finished I am still aching, sweating and out of breath...but I did it!  And it feels really good. 
So I've been on the track four times now and although still very sore I am really enjoying this.  And oh yes, I am soooo relieved when I am done with my run...but I feel great that I took a half hour of time for just me - to do something that makes me a better me.  I have a little time to myself, and honestly that time makes me stronger not only physically but mentally and emotionally.

And I thought I would have so many thoughts to organize.  But really...I just run.  I think of nothing but getting around the next bend and how wonderful it feels to be out here running.  (Okay...jogging...but I keep a steady pace)
And sure, when I am finished I head to the car beyond ready for that bottle of water I haven't been able to get out of my mind for the last lap.  And yes, I drink it like I haven't had water in days...water is dripping down my chin and into my shirt without a care what passerbys think.  Nice....

But seriously now, do I care?
Nope...I just went two darn miles. 

And by next month it'll be three.


Dunns said...

Awesome!!! Please be careful... walk and run to build up your pace and strut, and before you know it, you will be running in your first 5k...woo whoo

Happy Running!

babycrockett2010 said...

Great job Jennifer!!!

Teresa said...

Great job! I am getting back on my treadmill and doing about a mile of walking every day. Congratulations!

Lisa said...

Whoot go girl!!

I'm proud of ya and loved the update!!

Keep up the GREAT :)

Enjoy the weekend!!!!